Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun Trip

The boys and I loved getting away for a few days. Colson stayed with Jason's parents because he will not sleep anywhere but a crib. Thanks Gran and G-Daddy! He is one spoiled little guy.
My niece Allie made these sweet cards to welcome us. They were hanging from ribbons off the stair banister. ; )
Z & Garrett
Before church
One of my dear dear friends Caroline came to visit. Oh my goodness she is one of the funniest people I know. She lives about an hour away from Meredith, and it always means so much when she comes to see me. Caroline was a Tri Delt with me at Baylor. Talking with her just takes me back to those wonderful crazy days! How was that 10 years ago?!

Silly boy
Me, Mere & Mom

Monday morning I spoke at my sister in law's sister's church. Ha! They were a sweet group of women, and of course it's always special when I can share about Reese's life. The LORD amazes me at His goodness. He's so faithfully working even still!
Love those smiles. Z is already ready to go back to play. I'm so glad he adores his cousins!

We are enjoying the rain and the rest of our spring break. The boys and I went to Walmart this morning, and it was just wild. I parked in a pond and my umbrella was broken, so we looked like a three ring circus getting out of the car and walking into the store. ; )

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you...

Ephesians 1:18


Jessica said...

What a small world!! Caroline and I are in the same Junior League. LOVE HER! She's the sweetest!

Miranda said...

Glad you had a nice trip!!! :)

Lauren said...

You look beautiful Katie! I'm so glad you got to see Caroline, love that girl!! It really is hard to believe that our Baylor days were 10 years ago, crazy! You were the best roomie! ;)

Jessie Hurst said...

We have lots of Baylor gear since our oldest son is named Baylor.
Your boys are so cute!

Melanie Mueller said...

Glad you had a great trip! That picture of you and Zach is precious, definitely a framer! I love the dress you were wearing too!! What a blessing you must have been to that MOPS group. (I love MOPS) I am sure you inspired them all with your faith!

Tesha said...

Sound like you had glad. I love that pic with the homemade glasses sooooo cute!

ashley said...

I don't know how you do it, but I know that God is glorified and Reese is remembered through your boldness. Love you friend! So good to see Caroline...I'll bet it was a hoot!

Sara said...

So glad you were able to share Reese's story with others. Of course, getting to see family and friends is always great!

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