Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Fun

My mom, my sister Mandy, and my niece Abby came up to play with Zach and me for a few days. The cousins have had SO much fun together! I love that Zach and Abby are two months apart. The differences between them are very obvious...not only physically but their personalities as well. Zach is rough and tough, and Abby is girly and loves her dolls.

She did try to push Zach on his truck. What a helper!

Their first "fight" over a toy

Abby is not so sure about this...Zach is a wild man in the bathtub!

Do I HAVE to get out yet!?

Face-off at the truck

Do we HAVE to go shopping!?

Are we having fun yet!? Abby and Zach have been so wonderful the past few days. They love to interact with each other.

Too cute

It's not always easy to get my little man to look at the camera.

He is actually still for a second! My mom (Bunny) bought Zach this little snowman. It is a big hit!

My dad and Bo met up with us Friday so we could all go to the football game together. Bo is my long tall Texan brother-in-law.

Tail gating

Ready for the game!

I have loved every second of having my family around. My brother Faber and sister-in-law Meredith and their kiddos Allie, Mary Afton, and Garrett were not able to come, and we missed them SO much! They were getting over bad coughs and didn't want to spread anything around. I know it was for the best, but it just wasn't the same without them here with us. We love and miss you guys!


Mer said...

Uggh!!!! Those are hard to look at! Great pics..we missed you much. We are just out numbered by germ vectors around here. Everyone seems to be on the mends...Allie is still having coughing fits, but overall is doing better. Sorry we missed it. Love you!

Mandy said...

Such fun, such fun. Thanks so much for having us and letting us wreck your house! It was a great weekend!

'The H Family' said...

hi katie!! i love getting to read your blog and keep up with your sweet boy and fam! random question..but where did you get your shopping cart cover from? i got jay one, but it doesn't even cover the sides (and i didn't notice this til i got it out to use it) what good is that? :) hope you're doing great!

Jessica said...

I recognize the inside of Oops in Tontitown!! I love that place.

Meredith said...

I love me some Mrs. Stuckey!

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