Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun and Freedom

What a great weekend! Jason's parents came up to visit, so Zach was set with attention and entertainment. Jason and I had a date night (what's that!?) on Friday night.
It's funny because before Zach was born we said we would never be one of "those couples" who never got a baby sitter and went out to eat or did anything alone together. Well, I can count on one hand how many times we've gone out on a date since Zach was born! Ha! The things you say you "will or won't do" before you have a baby!
It's not that we don't want to, and I don't really have a reason why we haven't gone on more date nights. Time just flies by, and honestly, Zach is such a wonderful baby it doesn't take much just to bring him along. When we do get out though, it's amazing, and I always think we should do it more often.

G-Daddy, Gran, & Zach people-watching at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. This is an annual local bike rally, and bikers come from everywhere!

Zach on his first bike.

His truck will have to do for now. Since he can't move it just yet, I put one of Riley's leashes on the front and pull him everywhere.

When it comes to Zach's nutrition, I can only do my best because I don't have a prayer with
G-Daddy influence! He introduced Zach to chocolate icing this weekend, and now he has Zach loving ice cream! I guess you are only a kid once!


Papa enjoying his ice cream, too. Zach is named after Papa.

Gran, Zach, me, and Grandma (Gigi to Zach)

Look alike much!?


the osbornes said...

Katie, I understand exactly what you mean--Josh and I have only been on 4 dates in the last 6 months!! We need to do better but you're right, time just flies by!
Oh, and I love the way you have his truck rigged up with the leash! Too funny

The Allens said...

Oh my! We're pregnant with our first and swear we won't be one of those couples!

ashley said...

It's just a matter of time before Zach has a real motorcycle! Did I ever mention to you that Hunnie totally pulls Anna around on her little train - great minds think alike - or maybe we're just two mothers who are tired of pushing our kids around the house?? :)

Shannon said...

If you click on the pic of you and Jason at the club, you will see a naked guy in the background!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Love the ice cream pics, Zach is a doll!

Mer said...

That last pic is so funny...all that is missing is Zach standing there with them. You'll get over that date night/babysitter thing...any one with a beating heart will do:)

Harris Family said...

Man...I say we will not be one of those couples either. I am sure we will eat our words! How cute is Zach on his car?!?! He is getting so big!

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