Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Ride

Lately Jason and I have been living "green." least with one car. My husband Jason "wheels and deals" cars on a regular basis. He has done this for several years, and knows everything there is to know about any type of vehicle. I'm clueless, so this works well for us! However, I am also sentimental and get very attached to certain cars, so this is sometimes hard for me to handle. I'm getting better though...alittle.

Jason bought a Prius at the beginning of the summer, and we waited several weeks to get it. I didn't think he would drive it very long since he usually drives larger cars, but I was happy to have at least one vehicle with good gas mileage. I even enjoyed driving it around town with it's "race car" feel.

So I was very surprised when he came home with this the other day. What?! A smaller car - are you crazy!? Is this go cart even safe!?

Just kidding! Jason sold the Prius, and the man who bought it owned this Smart Car. He wanted something a little bigger. Of course, Jason had to take it for a spin around the block!


The Bunch Fam! said...

Glad I read the full blog, because I just saw the pic and shook my head in that "Well, he's done it again..." manner.

Glad to know he didn't actually buy it. I knew you wouldn't stay too green too long. Someone's got to burn up all the gas and keep the Dem's raging!

ashley said...

HA! I'm having a really good laugh right now! Oh, our husbands - and, the funny part, is they actually think they're going "green"?

walkers said...

oh my gosh i lost my breath for a sec! i used to want one of these so bad, aren't they adorable?

Ross and Kate said...

That's hilarious Katie!! Let's get together next week!

Mer said...

Ok...that looks "squishable" if that's a word. I'm worried..please don't put Zach in that tuna can.

Jennifer said...

I really wish this was Jason's new car! It would make me laugh so hard to see him driving that thing!!

Katy said...

hehe...that is a funny looking car! LOL

I had to snicker when you said you get attached and sentimental about your vehicles....LOL..i do the same thing! :)

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