Monday, September 1, 2008

Beach Pics

We're back! What a great week, and the weather could not have been better. Thank you, LORD! Watching Zach take it all in was amazing. We could not get him to stop eating the sand! Just call him a blond beach baby.

Shannon, me, and Elizabeth (Cody couldn't go with us, so Shannon took one of her best friends Elizabeth.)

Zach in the pool

Bath time! Since Zach was in the water so much during the day, I soaped him down at the beach instead of giving him a regular bath in the condo. It worked out great, and he loved the water spraying from the hose!

Zach and G-Daddy on an alligator

Papa, Zach, and Gigi

The fam...except Andy, Cody, Grammy, Grampy, Noah, Tracy, and Lyndsey.
We missed all of you! Yes, Zach fell asleep.

Always on the go

Two handsome men

A little bit mellow

Happy boy!

Zach with G-Daddy

Bare bum

Our little family minus Riley

Zach with Gran and G-Daddy


ashley said...

So fun! Those pictures are GREAT!!! What is Zach going to do when it gets cold and he can't be in a boat or on the beach???

Mer said...

ok!!!! The beach bum pic is a keeper ! I love it. Great pics.. Beautiful fam.:)

Robyn Beele said...

All the pictures are so good! I love the group picture!

Harris Family said...

How fun!!! Your family is so precious...all of them!

The Bunch Fam! said...

How cute!!! Love the naked pic!! He is getting SO big! I am laughing that you bathed him outside! HA!

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