Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ten Years!

Jason and I went to our ten year high school reunion this weekend. It was wonderful! Since we are high school sweethearts we knew everyone which made it even more fun
Friday night we went out to eat with Laura, Brad, Hillary, and Josh.

Laura, Hil, and me

Brad, Laura, me, and Jason

Saturday we went to a local park and had a picnic. The weather could not have been better, praise the LORD!

Barry, Josh, Jason, and Jason (They are all daddies!)

Zach & Benjamin

Zach, me, Sarah, and her youngest Emma. I love her curly hair! Sarah was married two weeks before me, and she has three beautiful children. I guess I'm a little behind, but that's OK!

Zach has missed Hillary! He crawled right up into her lap.

Jenny & Benjamin

Saturday night we had dinner downtown. Isn't Jason handsome!?

Mandy, Cari, Leslie, Morgan, me, and Candy

These girls all married guys that we graduated with and are also some of Jason's closest friends. They are precious!

Sarah, me, Hil, Jenny, Suzanne, & Laura

These girls are my best friends from high school. I grew up with Jenny and Suzanne, met Laura in junior high, and met Sarah and Hil in high school. Words can't come close to explaining how I feel about them. They are my prayer warriors, silly as can be, and loyal. I am honored to be in each of their lives.

Candy, Kyle, Jason, and me

This centerpiece has been through a car ride with Zach constantly throwing toys on it, so this picture does not do it justice. Jason won it last night during a raffle. Sarah put all the table centerpieces together for our dinner Saturday night. I was so impressed! So creative!

It's hard to believe that we have been out of high school for ten years! Time flies by. I love that Jason and I share so many of the same friends and memories. I was blessed this weekend to see what people have overcome and how GOD has been working in our friends lives over the years. He is good!


Mandy said...

So fun!!! I love the pics. Glad you guys had fun.

Amanda Whittaker said...

I know its not even my class but for as close as i was to you all- these pictures really bring tears to my eyes. We are all so blessed to have been in school with such amazing people. makes me look forward to ours next year. You are all beautiful, beautiful people inside and out!

walkers said...

Oh AB and the fruities! what a fun time. you all look just as beautiful. We have our reunion this weekend so I will post similar pictures. It makes me feel old, I cannot believe you turn 29 this week! you are a beautiful one!

Robyn Beele said...

Everyone looks so great in the pictures! The picnic looks like so much fun. The picture of you, Jason and Zach is so good!

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