Monday, October 27, 2008

Life Goes On

I am so thankful it's not this time last week! I am feeling much better. Thank you for all of your prayers! Wow...if you ever have an appendectomy, let me know because I will give you LOTS of sympathy. It really knocked me out for one week. It's killing me that I can't pick up Zach yet, but hopefully soon. I can't stand it!

My MIL is here taking care of us, and I couldn't have done it without my mom and her. And of course, Jason! Bless his heart. This morning Trish drove me downtown so I could vote early. I just LOVE voting. It makes me feel so patriotic and blessed.

I didn't take many pics last week while my mom was here taking care of us (I wonder why!?), but here a few recent pics.

Zach just chillin' with Dad.

My two men

Gran & Zach

Just playing

Zach checking out Uncle Andy


Robyn Beele said...

Glad you are all better! I hope you get to pick up Zach soon!

Candy Johnson said...

Hang in there girl! We've been praying for you!!!

Andrew said...

Uncle Andy is a Hottie McHottie

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