Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Birthday

I love Fall! Not only is my birthday in October, but I love the cool weather, changing leaves, and making yummy comfort foods. I used to love going to the fair, and now I love shopping at the local craft fairs. The only thing I don't like about the fall is the time change. No fun! I like long days with light!

Jason gave me these flowers for my birthday. Beautiful!

Elizabeth, Marian, Trish (my mother-in-law), Shannon, Claudia, Afton (my mom), and me

We are ready for War Eagle! Every fall there are alot of craft fairs in the area. So fun!

Me, my mom, and Claud

A visit from my parents is not complete without eating at Backwoods Barn. I can't believe how many times I have been there, and I don't even like catfish!

My Dad and I ran in a local 10K race this morning. I am so sore! I haven't run this long of a distance since Zach was born, so it was a good goal for me. My Dad won second place in his age group. Woohoo!

Off to the pumpkin patch! Zach liked all the pumpkins but did not give us any big smiles because he was too busy looking at other kids.

Our little fam minus Riley

Zach, Pappy, and Bunny

Zach was so cute riding around in this little red wagon. He looked so big!


Robyn Beele said...

Such a cute picture of Zach in the wagon!

Kelly said...

Those flowers were beautiful!
Glad ya'll had fun at the craft fairs!!!
No wonder you look so awesome - running 10ks!!!

Harris Family said...

Zach is so cute sitting with the pumpkins. I hope your birthday was wonderful...those flowers are so pretty!

Candy Johnson said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! The pictures of Zach at the Pumpkin Patch are just adorable! Orange is a great color for him too :) Kyle's still talking about our visit! It was so nice seeing you all!

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