Monday, November 5, 2012

Zach Lately

I recently took the boys to get flu shots/mist. I told Z he could have the mist this year, and he said, "NO! I want to get a shot so I can get in the treasure box." Seriously? He didn't change his mind and got a toy from the treasure box after the appointment. Even our doctor thought he was a little crazy. ; )
 For Zach's "Show & Tell" he had to bring something with the "Dd" sound. I asked him what words started with "D" and he said a few including "Daddy." I said, "Zach, what a great idea! You can take a picture of Daddy to school." He said, "No, I want to take something cool, Mom."

When I was getting ready for Zach's birthday party he went to Hobby Lobby with me. As we walked in he said, "I've been to this store too many times."
Before we went trick or treating on Halloween I told Zach, "When people see you they will say you are the cutest Robin they've ever seen!" He immediately said, "NO, Mommy I don't want cute!" Oops.

A few friends with older kids have told me that every stage their kids have been in is their favorite. I want to be this way! Yes, our boys are growing up, but I also love seeing the new things they do at each step along the way. I want to live fully in the phase where they are (as long as it's good!). ; )

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus...

Romans 8:1


Lauren said...

The boy cracks me up!! I can't believe he chose a shot over the painless mist...must be a really cool treasure box! ;)

Becky said...

It is a fun time! As one of my triplet grandsons told me at that age, 'I am not a baby anymore. I am a regular kid now.' Z, I have been to Hobby Lobby too many times too!

Rachel said...

Cute comments! Kids are so funny!!

Melanie Mueller said...

What a smart and funny guy! Those pictures sure show how much he is growing! So handsome too!

Sarah said...

I totally agree...each phase is the best. They all present with their challenges and also sweetness. It's a good life!

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