Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

 Zach and Colson made little pumpkin crafts at school. Zach painted his, and Colson's teachers made a print of his hand for his pumpkin.
 Colson threw his at me, but I got over it. ; )
 Monday night we went trick or treating with Westin. Colson stayed home with Jason, but he'll go next time. This is our second year to do this, and we love it! Fun memories.
 Shannon and I pretty much laughed at these two guys the entire night.
 Some of the houses were a little interesting!
My sweet son got way too much candy and even asked for water at someone's house. The nice lady gave him a bottled water. Crazy kid.

Happy November!

Even though you planned evil against me, GOD planned good to come out of it.

Genesis 50:20


Mallory said...

I can't believe how OLD Colson looks in the picture where he's standing! My gosh, where has time gone? PS--I said that like I know your or something! ;)

Tristan said... colson looks way too big!!!!

and how funny he asked for water!

oh wow..i would have ran away from those two guys..ahhhhhh. no clowns!

Rebekah said...

Zach melts my heart!!! He and Colson both are two are the cutest little guys I have seen!!! Cilla made the same exact pumpkin last year and I love the little hand print on it. I kept it and put it back out this year! So sweet to remember those tiny little hands! Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween!

Dana said...

Colson looks like such a big boy in that picture! Tell him to stop growing up sooo fast! I swear it is like I know y'all :)) Looks like Zach and Westin made out good with all that candy, hehe!!! I sure did dip into Noah's bucket just a few times, HA!! Atleast at Noah's age he won't notice!

Katie said...

I am impressed at Colson's handprint! I keep trying with B, but all I get is a blurry blob. Looks like a fun night with cute!

Kelley said...

You know how much I love that verse, don't you?!? :) Love you and as always, praying ;) ~ K

Mer said...

Zach looks like YOU in the last picture:)

Lauren said...

That Zach is a mess!!!! Miss you friend!!! :)

Kim W. said...

Colson is precious. Jolee Kate would do the same thing; after she would finish her food, I'd let her down and she'd go steal food off of the boys plates. ;) It always cracked us up!

And I love that Zach asked for water. Ha! And Colson's little hand print attached to the pumpkin is precious.

Your family is precious, Katie!

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