Monday, November 21, 2011

Party Party

Thanks for your sweet birthday wishes! We had a wonderful day celebrating Z.

His party was at a bounce house place (again!), and I loved watching him and his little friends running around. It was so much fun seeing my sweet friends, too.
my crazy crew
Z wanted a tow truck on his cookie cake, so we went with it. ; )
Colson thought he was big stuff and had the best time walking around and playing.
Love Westin's face!
Z & Parker
one of my new favorites
Cody, Jason, & Andy
Rebekah, Kate, Lissa, & Ashley
Jennifer, Jillian, Helga, Stacy, & Lindsey
Candy, Wyatt, Kyle, & Kohen
Shelby is such a sweetheart! She is always such a big help with the boys.
Brody, Ava, & Cilla
Singing happy birthday to Z (complete with chips on his face!).
Bless G Dad's heart for being so patient putting together Zach's new toys. ; ) 

My big boy already seems older, and he's only been 4 two days!

*I ordered the boys shirts off etsy at this site. ; )

Because He turned His ear to me, I will call on Him as long as I live.

Psalm 116:2


Miranda said...

Looks like he had a GREAT birthday!!! :-) So glad you guys had a wonderful day with your sweet boys!!

Sara said...

The picture of Westin with Jason;s mom is sooo great! That is a keeper. So glad you had fun celebrating! Happy Birthday Zach!

Summer said...

omg Z is already 4! Time flies when your having fun ha! I know quit reminded you he's four lol! I love the boys shirts and that pic of Westin cracks me up...his little face is precious! OMG all the science toys Z got Kelcee would have a ball playing with them with Z lol! Love the tow truck cookie and bouncy houses rock! Kelcee just had her one there, can't go wrong the kiddos play and the facility cleans up double score lol! You look amazing, can Colson get any cuter! If I don't talk to you before Thanksgiving I hope you and your family have a wonderful one! Love you friend


Tristan said...

I can't handle the cuteness of your boys!!
glad he had a good bday!

Mer said...

SO fun!!! I love their shirts! I know we have talked about Lissa before, but I can't believe she was in our small group and now she's with you. So weird:)

Carolina Girl said...

Looks like a great time!
Can you believe he's four? That seems so big! Like he's off to college tomorrow.

You were smart to answer the question about the knew we'd all be asking! lol! :)

Fabiola said...

I LOVE all the pictures. They all look so happy and cute.

The picture of the boys and Zach's toy made me laugh. They all look so intrigued looking at the toys ; )

Reese Ray said...

That is so funny, you already know everyone will wonder where those cute shirts came from! I just LOVE the pictures of the boys flying down the slide with their Grandmother. They are so cute!!!!

Lauren said...

Aw, so glad he had a wonderful birthday!!!!! :)

Melissa said...

That is way too much cuteness for one family!!

Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving Katie.
Your blog is my all time favorite.


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