Saturday, November 12, 2011


Jason's parents gave Zach a butterfly kit for his birthday. I have been thinking about getting him one too, so it was perfect. He loves his caterpillars and checks on them a lot to see if they are butterflies yet. 
I think it will be awhile.

When we got them in the mail he really wanted to hold one. We had to explain to him how they were very fragile and needed to be left alone, and he would say, "But I'll be real real careful." He also said he needed to put toys in the container for them to play with. ; )
I'm glad he hasn't tried to do any of this while I'm not looking. I hope these five little guys make it! I'll keep ya posted.
...the LORD our God is righteous in all He has done.

Daniel 9:14


Becky said...

My grand-daughter also got a butterfly kit. I don't think it worked very well :)

Gretta said...

We have one of those too that I got for homeschooling this year but we haven't ordered the caterpillars yet. Can't wait to see the process of Zach's butterflies!

Melissa said...

Too cute! I'll be praying for the butterflies. ;)

You are in my prayers for Thanksgiving and Christmas Katie.


Melissa said...

I purchased a butterfly kit for my children and we got our caterpillars in the mail in June. It was so awesome and all five of our caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies. I was amazed. Our God is so awesome to create something so beautiful! The transformation was so amazing to watch. I plan to buy more caterpillars in the spring since the weather hear is too cold to hatch them this time of year.

Lauren said...

Aww, I did this with my kindergarteners in science lab! They LOVED watching the transformation and the best is the day we set the butterflies free outside! So cute! :)

Kim W. said...

Hey Katie,

So we have fishies and crabs, but now Aaron wants to get the boys a bet snake...I think I need to suggest butterflies instead!! ;)

Hope yall are doing well. I owe ya an email soon. Plus, I have lots on my mind and know you'd be a good listener since you've "been there." Definitely will write soon. Plus need to send you a picture of Julia Grace's headstone. It's beautiful. And definitely "Reese inspired." ;)


Paige said...

What a great gift for a guy who loves critters! I used to do this with my kindergartners every year when I taught:). They actually don't take that long... Just be really, really careful when you transfer them to the mesh home after they make a chrysalis. If they fall..... Well they either die or will be deformed. Can't wait for you to see the look in his face when they start wiggling out!!!

Crystal said...

We did this with our kids this past Spring and they loved it! It was so awesome to see the transformation and they made such a big deal out of checking on them everyday. When we released them, it made for some great photos!

After the butterflies, we did the ladybug kit ... not as exciting.

Have fun!

Fabiola said...

Such an interesting gift. It suits his personality ; )

Miranda said...

This is so neat!!! :-)

Nikki said...

I did this with my twins last year! We had all five caterpillars turn into chrysalis'. I was surprised at how sturdy the chrysalis was attached to the disk for transferring. We did have all five come out as caterpillars, but were only able to release three of them. Two died before we could release them for some reason. Very cool to watch!

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