Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Lunches

Colson makes us laugh because after he eats his lunch in his highchair he likes to see what Zach is eating. Then he helps himself!
 Thankfully Zach doesn't mind. I think it surprises him. ; ) 
Colson is so close to walking! He will seem so much older when he does begin walking. Sigh.
These boys melt my heart!

...for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.

Luke 12:15


the osbornes said...

they remind me so much of my two boys! Sam just started walking this week, and it's true that he seems so much older :( Josh was so ready for him to walk and I was too in some ways, but secretly I liked it that he still seemed so baby-ish!

Linds said...

so funny! Connor does the same thing to Brayden's meals and it cracks me up. He just reaches till he finds something with his hands and then gets it and eats it. Those younger brothers sure know how to hold their own :)

Hillary said...

Love to see those 2 sweet boys! Just think it won't be long now before you have 2 little plates at that table. You have soo much fun in store for your future!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Becky said...

They sure are growing up. In your previous post, Colson really looks older! We have a little table like yours for when the grands come and visit.

Kimberley said...

my youngest does this too with my oldest. funny they don't seem to mind. :)

Lauren said...

Parker does the same thing! He eats dinner a little earlier than we do and when we sit down to eat, he bounces between both of our plates! Z and C just get cuter by the day! ;)

Miranda said...

I think that is so funny :-) They are such sweet boys!!

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

They are so cute!

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