Friday, June 3, 2011

Play Ball

Colson just started playing ball with us. I couldn't believe it when he first did it! He knows exactly what he is doing, and it's amazing to see his mind working. He usually has to nibble it before he throws the ball back. ; )
He has also started biting my arm when I hold him. Ouch! It surprises me, so I scream of course which makes him think it's a game. Not good. I even have a bruise where he has chomped into me.

Z never did this, so it's a new world. Wish me luck! I'll need it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.

Proverbs 21:23


Summer said...

OH my butterfly that is uber cute! The bros are totally learning how to play ball for the future Razorback football team ya know LOL you have to start em early ha! SO I am gonna need to go ahead and get there autographs ha!

OMG on the biting out of nowhere last week Kelc bit me and I bleed I was shocked geez I asked her why she bit me and she said "I was just playing" um ok that hurt LOL....

Hope the biting stops soon...uh oh on him thinking it is a game I did that with Kelcee when she pulled my hair I would go ow ow ow and she would just lol and it got to where she just about yanked me bald headed ha!

love ya girl

Sky said...

Oh dear! Good luck with that!

ashley said...

What a smartie!

Hillary said...

What a smart little guy you've got on your hands! That was super cute!

Is it wrong that I was kinda glad that your floor looks just like mine:)!

Rachel said...

Pediatricians will tell you, as soon as he bites you firmly say No Biting and put him down. My first child never bit, but my little one is the complete opposite of her so I'm sure it will happen with him :(

Mer said...

That verse is perfect! ha ha!

Shelly said...

Saw you and the hubby at Frozen Tung tonight!! You two are so stinking cute together!!

Love the video of the boys.....they too are oh so cute!

My daughter (who is now 15) never that's a new one with me. Not sure how to handle that! :)

Have a great weekend!

Bolivian Boomie said...

My almost 11 month old son has started to bite my upper arm. I always tell him no when he bites me hard as I want him to know it is not a game. He only bites me when I am rocking him to sleep so it seems as though it is more of a comfort thing as he sucks and gently bites most of the time. And I too have a few small bruises on my arm! Glad to hear someone else has had this happen to them.

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