Friday, June 24, 2011


How is it Friday again? 

I'm thinking we all need to bust out with our high school prom/banquet pictures. Isn't it fun to laugh at yourself sometimes? I need to do it more often. ; )

Jason and I went out to eat for our anniversary, and we talked about our last nine years. These years have gone quickly, but we sure have lived a lot of life in them. Nine years and three beautiful children later. I'm so thankful I married my best friend.

This little cutie is one big reason we smile!
Melts my heart
Bath time pictures are the best.
Showing off for the camera. ; ) He is chewing on Reese's rubber duckie.
Whenever I do this to Colson's hair Zach says, "Hey, Colson looks like a porcupine!"
Last night our friends Kyle and Candy came over for dinner. They just moved to NWA and have two boys close to our boys' ages. Kohen and Zach hit. it. off. So sweet. Two handsome cutie pies!

Have a great weekend. ; )

Oh, what a wonderful GOD we have! How great are His riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His methods!

Romans 11:33


Summer said...

I'm totally game girl you start bustin' out old HS pics and I will too hahahaahah I won't let a friend go at it besties and I look at our old cheerleading photos and bust out laughing and OMG don't get me started on homecoming and prom bhahahahahaha....LOL Z calls Colson a porcupine that is funny ...did you read the post I wrote about us going out to eat at OCharley's and Kelcee is usually so mannerly and that day um well this little boy intrigued her and she said haha big hair and I looked back and his mommy had the early 90's big hair going like think movie HairSpray style and I tried not to laugh and I told her it wasn't nice and the hubs turned red and I started chuckling at him quietly and he nudged me under the table only to make me try not to laugh more...and finally when they left I busted out in hysterics I could't belive she had did that OMG I was crazy embarrassed....

Oh how sweet Colson is chewing on Reese's pink rubber ducky, I'm sure she is smiling that he likes it so much!

Cute boys you have


Kelley said...

It just occurred to me that I don't think I told you Happy Anniversary! So much to celebrate. So glad God gave you each other to live life together. He is faithful, you know. And those boys...more precious by the day. Hard to believe little Porcupine's 1st year is right around the corner! So much to be thankful for...Love you and Happy Anniversary ~ K

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