Thursday, June 9, 2011

First & Last Days

It makes my heart thankful to hear your sweet words about our daughter. Thank you for noticing the details about her. I will never be able to share Reese's milestones with you or show you pictures of her growing up, but I can share her pictures and all the priceless things she teaches me still.

Today was a big day. Zach's last day of school! It's seems so late but with all the snow days during the winter the district added some days. It's been wonderful. He loves everything about it!
First day of school ~ Fall 2010
Last day of school ~ Spring 2011
Love those dimples
Lately the only thing that gets Zach to genuinely smile is when we say, "Whatever you do, don't smile." It gets him every time! I need all the tricks I can not the get a fake smile. ; )
Our other handsome cutie the day Z started school. A lot has changed!

Bring on the pool and snowcones. Swim lessons begin next week. 
; )

With unfailing love I have drawn you to Myself.

Jeremiah 31:3


ashley said...

Love the way Z is looking at Jason in that picture!

Miranda said...

Your little men are SO CUTE! :-) I'm looking forward to Tristan being in pre-school. I'm NOT looking forward to him growing up so fast, just the experience for him..haha :-)

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

so sweet!!

Linds said...

precious precious boys! I love that one of his dimple!

Jennifer said...

Such sweet pictures! I love the one of Z and J in their matching Polos!:)

We have to say, "Brody, do not smile!" to get him to smile, too! Ha!

Summer said...

Z and Jason look precious in that pic! They look alot alike Katie how cute! I love the first day and last day of school pics! How precious....he is really growing up! Girl I know school is still going here for all the snow days seems wierd LOL...Yay for swim lessons, sno cones and fun....can Colson get any cuter? I could just eat him up! I love when you share pictures of Reese...she is beautiful just like you and it makes me smile to see pictures of her....
LOL about how you get Z to smile that's how I get Kelc to do alot of things...just yesterday she had her daddy fill her pool up then she didn't wanna get in it so I said ok whatever you do do not get in that pool and she jumped right in ha!

love you

Lauren said...

Zach truly gets more handsome by the day!!!!!! You have beautiful sons Katie!!!!!

Alex and Jill said...

Oh these boys are so stinkin' cute! Can't believe how much they've grown. Hope you guys have a fun, cool summer! :)

Tiff said...

I love all of Z's little polo shirts.. T will be the same way! :) Hope you enjoy having both your little guys at home with you!!

hi-d said...

I just want to squeeze and hug those adorable kiddos of yours! And give you a big hug as well... :)

Keep the photos of Reese coming. It's so awesome that you have those to treasure forever!

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