Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day weekend with Jason's family at the lake. This was Colson's first time to go. I think he liked it but was also wondering what in the world we were doing. He had a cold too, bless his heart but is feeling much better.

As I was packing I pulled out my maternity swimsuit I wore the summer I was pregnant with Reese. Wow, talk about memories flooding back. I held it so tightly to my chest because when I wore that swimsuit she was alive. I had never done that with a piece of clothing before. I can be fine one moment and the next that deep aching pain stabs me in the heart. I was a mess the rest of the day.

Thankfully one of my best friends Ashley just happened to be driving through NWA and stopped by to see us. Is GOD good or what? What would we do without wonderful friends?
One of her sweet daughters Anna
Zach & Rachel
We've decided we are going to have to watch these two!
Colson still loves his swing. I can't believe he had to wear a jacket just three days ago. So thankful it's warmed up.

I will share more about our weekend soon. I need to get our lives unpacked and organized. It seems just when I get everything together we go out of town again. ; )

We are so blessed to live in America. Where we have the freedom to worship, travel, go to school, and follow our dreams. Thank you to everyone who serves our country and protects us! No job is ever too small.

...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17


Jenny said...

Love your pics AND I can't wait to read more about your fun trip!!!

Summer said...

Hey sweet friend,
I am so glad that you had such a fun time at the lake. How exciting that it was Colson's first time. My maw-maw passed away 2 weeks ago she raised me and the other day I was looking in my closet and found the top she bought me when we went on our shopping spree a few months before she passed and I cried and couldn't wear it. Then I was reaching in my closet up top a pic fell of her and I from when I was 8and I thought that pic was tucked away. My sweet sweet aunt told me it was just Maw-Maw saying hello. So I betcha when you pulled out that swimsuit it was just Reese saying hi mommy Im ok!! It makes me smile when I think of it that way I hope it does you too!

Can't wait to read more about your trip and girl I have to say Z and his cute girlie friend look really cute together ha!


ashley said...

Oh, those two with their dark hair and dark eyes...what beautiful children they would make! HA! LOVED getting to see you! We could have stayed for days.... Can't wait to hear all about the lake!

Hillary said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had a rough day. It's so hard when grief steals your time away like that.

I love what Summer had to say though! I'm willing to bet that it was her little way of saying Hi Momma and remember when you and I had such great time together!

You are forever in my thoughts and prayers!


Kelley said...

I just love the fortress God has placed around you. You are so loved!

Mandy said...

Sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Miss that precious girl too. I ache for you so deeply. I love you so much!

ashley said...

Also, I'm thankful for the chance to squeeze you tight on a rough day. So many times I want to and can't through the phone. That precious baby girl is missed and will always be... Love you friend!

Tiff said...

Aww...Zach looks like he is protecting his girlfriend in that picture! haha! You are an amazing Christian lady with a beautiful outlook with your faith!

I thought of you Sunday during church. We were reading through Mark 4:35-41.. When the disciples were on the boat with Jesus and it was storming and they woke Jesus up to calm the storm.. The basic message was to always know God is in the boat with you.. no matter what. I smiled and thought Katie would of been on that boat saying, "Don't wake Jesus up.. he's got this!" :)

Sorry for such a long post..

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Love you pictures, such sweet babies! I don't see a problem at all with you taking time to feel, smell and hold on to clothing, it makes complete sense! I pray for your heart ache, but more importantly I pray you understand these are real, normal and raw feelings!
Have a blessed day sweet friend!

Melanie Mueller said...

Katie~ I can only imagine how grief sways in and out of your busy days. I too believe that those little signs and smells are God's and Reese's way of letting you know they are there and thinking of you! No doubt Reese is so proud of her strong, beautiful Mama!
Precious pictures as always!

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