Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A few things on my mind and some pics of my men at church Sunday. I wanted to get some good ones because Jason and Zach were wearing similar pants. It was so cute, but you never know how pictures will go right now. ; )
1. I'm so happy it's May! Summer is right around the corner, and I can almost taste snow cones and smell sunscreen. ; )
2. I'm excited about Mother's Day and relieved it's not this time last year. We are dedicating Colson Sunday in church, and giving another child to the LORD has a whole new meaning.
3. I'm starting to think about and plan Colson's first birthday. I love that his birthday is in the summer! I really do not want him to turn one, but I have no control over this. ; )

4. Zach is in the sweetest phase, and I'm loving it.
5. I'm starting a tennis cardio class at the gym. I've always wanted to try it and decided I'm tired of saying "one day I will."
6. I haven't ordered Colson's "6 months (really 8 months) pictures" yet. Shame on me! That's on my list for next week.

7. Colson said his first word! "DaDa." Completely not fair, but Zach's first word was "Mama" (and I know Reese's would have been, too) so I'll get over it. ; )
8. Jason has been working hard to get his instrument rating with flying. I'm so proud of him! He's a wonderful pilot.

9. Jason and I are running in a 5K this Saturday. We won't actually run together (he'll be way ahead of me. Ha!), but it will be fun for us to do "together."
10. I'm thankful for sunshine today!

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?
Luke 11:13


Hillary said...

What a fun list!

I love the smell of snow cones and sunscreen too! (I might also like the smell of the lake and the gas for the boat too... :)

Has your hubby lost some serious weight or what?! Is it the running ya'll do?

Amanda said...

Colson is getting so big! You must be so excited about his baby dedication. I remember E's baby dedication - and yes it has a whole new meaning!! I am planning on running a 5K in 2 weeks...which is another reminder I still have to go run today!

Casi said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable, Katie! So happy you are enjoying a sweet season with your amazing family :-)

The Anglin Family said...

I am all about the snowcones:)
Zach and Colson are sooo sweet. I'll be thinking about you on Sunday, and sweet Reese. You are such a precious person and thank you for your sweet words. They mean alot. :))

Good luck on your run!! I so need to put my shoes on and run again, but it seems so daunting...lol/

Linds said...

I love how Colson is looking at Zach the whole time in the pics. He looks up to his big bro so much, you can tell!

Erin said...

Do you have A Theme picked out for his 1st birthday. How exciting and how exciting he said his first word :)

Good luck at the Marathon.

Lauren said...

I'm doing my first 5k Saturday!!!!!!! I'll be cheering you on friend. Love you!!!! :)

Melanie Mueller said...

I am so ready for summer!! Right now it is just the thought of sleeping in and Colton not having school but soon it will be all about the fun!
Good Luck on Saturday in your 5K!! It is so great that you and Jason have that to do together or a little bit apart. ;)
Hard to believe you are planning a 1st birthday party already huh?
I can NOT believe my baby turns 2 soon! Time goes too fast!

hi-d said...

So sweet that Colson is getting dedicated on Sunday...Maximus is going to be baptized that day (from our old Pastor) and then will be dedicated later at our church (probably in the summer). Happy Mother's Day!

m&msmommy said...

LOVE the pics! And I LOVE the smell of screen! ;) It'll be here before we know it! :)

Colson is SO cute I could literally just reach in your pics and eat him up! :) And Zach is absolutlely precious too! :)

Enjoy the Dedication. That is SUCH a special day :)

the osbornes said...

such cute pictures! I've always wanted to play tennis too, it looks so fun and it's such a great workout.

Tiff said...

What a sweet list! Your boys look so handsome!

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