Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Trip

Thank you for your sweet words on Mother's Day. I'm glad another "first" is behind me. I felt your prayers strongly!

Jason, Z, and I took a little trip last weekend to see Faber, Meredith and their crazy bunch. ; ) My weekends are filling up, and I'm trying to get all my visits in before Colson arrives. Praise the Lord the weather was so nice!
Ready for take-off
Z was perfect the entire time. ; )
No hands!
We started off the fun by going to Allie's softball game. Her team is the Sassy Bats, and oh aren't they sassy! Z, Mary and Garrett had a wonderful time playing in the dirt and eating snacks. Or eating dirt and playing with their snacks.

Break time. Aren't those little chairs the cutest!?
Mere & G-man
Allie is the best and of course the cutest player on her team!

Friday we took G, Z and M to the park while Faber and Jason played tennis. The three kids ran up the stairs and slid down the slides countless times.
Sour apple!
Sweet Mary
I wonder sometimes what he is thinking...
The pool in their backyard was a big success!

We left the kids one night (with a sitter) so we could go out to eat. Mexican food...one of my favorites. ; )
Faber & Mere

I will always remember how Faber drove all night (after working) to be with us after Reese was born. He is very quiet but has a strong calming presence. Mere's heart is so full of compassion. She is perfect for our family!
An added bonus of our trip was spending time with Caroline. She was a Tri Delt with me at Baylor and can always always make me laugh. Just thinking about her brings a smile to my face. I wish I saw her every day! A true friend.

times of refreshing may come from the Lord...

Acts 3:19


Bananas and Damask Interiors said...

Hi Katie,

I'm so glad you had a nice time away. I just wanted to share with you that your blog has been so encouraging to me and it has taught me a lot in my relationship with the Lord. I have a dear friend who's baby Gabriel just passed away last week, and I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to pray for her and be a friend to her because you've been so honest and real. I know God is using Reese's precious life even here in Oregon to make a difference in so many lives.
Thank you for always including the Bible verses. I'm not even going to begin to say that what my family is going though is even close to losing a baby, but your verses have touched my heart in my "mountains" too. Thank you for speaking words of life over so many of us.
We're praying for your last weeks and delivery of Colson. May your little men grow strong in the Lord and His might. Blessings,

Mandy said...

That picture of you and Caroline makes me laugh out loud. She is such a RIOT!!!!! Glad you got to see her.

Cute pics. Man, Z looks so OLD! Crazy. Miss you!

Ashley said...

Those are some GREAT pictures. I'm so happy for you that it was such a great trip - looks like Z had a wonderful time, the cousins enjoyed having him there, and you, Jason, Mere, and Faber got some quality time together. Just seeing a picture of Caroline makes me laugh! Miss that girl!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

You are too cute and I love seeing all the photos!

Mer said...

I laughed out load when I read about the ball park...so true about the dirt and the snacks. Love ya!

Lauren said...

So FUN you got to see Caroline! That girl makes me laugh just thinking of her, I'm so glad ya'll got to see each other! What fun memories we have together with her at Baylor!
The pictures are great, Z cracks me up, I do wonder what he's thinking sometimes too!

Paige said...

You and Caroline look great! And how is it that you can fly places? Does Jason have his own plane? So curious about this part! :) Ha!

Lauren Kelly said...

Soooo fun and I want your hubby to take me for a flight, ha!!

Sara said...

Your trip looked like fun!

I saw you leaving Target Monday, but was trying to park my car so I couldn't catch you before you left.

Jennifer said...

The verse you ended this post with is perfect! It looks like you all had a refreshing weekend. Great photos! :)

Lindsay said...

Great pictures!! I know sometimes I wish I could hear their thoughts :)!! You look great! And it looks like Z had a fantastic time at the ballpark!

Jim and Suzanne said...

Fun, family time - doesn't get much better! :)

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