Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lake Fun

We took a short trip to the lake this weekend. Andy and Z entertained each other well on the way. ; )

Gran with Westin styling in his shades
Z enjoying a little snack
Is it even possible for grandfather, son and grandson to look this much alike!? I guess so. ; )
Shannon & W
Andy throwing Z "way up high"
There was several beautiful butterflies flying around, and Z loved having one on his finger.
Oops! Caught in the cookies again. ; )

I thought so much of Reese and how cute she would have looked in her little swimsuit and cover up. On big family days I miss her even more (if that's possible) because the place she should be filling is that much bigger. The LORD gently reminded me that if Reese were here, then Colson wouldn't be. I am so thankful for both of their lives. GOD is good even through the pain.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I love seeing all the flags honoring those who fight for our country. Thank you, Lord, for the women and men willing to give their lives for freedom.

You have prepared praise from the mouths of children and nursing infants.

Matthew 21:16


Fabiola said...

You all look so beautiful and happy!!!

Kelley said...

Happy Weekend, My Friend! I "grew up" at the lake, and seeing all your pictures brought to mind some very fond memories. What a sweet blessing those times are! Love ya, and as always, praying for you :)

julie & joe said...

It looks like you are having lots of fun!!! It is fun to see three generations that look alike. It amazes me how much A. looks like my dad. I think it is fun when adopted children look so much like their families.

Erin said...

how fun :) Hope you had a great weekend!

Brandi said...

How fun!!! You look adorable! And so does your little man! I still think and pray for you all the time!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, looks like so much fun!


Your children are so blessed that you all value family and are so close. It looks like you all have a blast together. That's wonderful!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

all three of those boys look so much alike! how handsome are they! i love how God reminds you (and all of us!) of His sweet goodness in the midst of such pain. i get all teary eyed when i see a bunch of flags waving - how blessed we are to live in a free land!

p.s. -i'm totally wishing we had a "something urban!" thank you for your sweeter than cherry pie comment! : )

Shannon said...

Cute pics!!

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun!!! Beautiful pics!! :)

Reese Ray said...

How fun!! Great pictures! The boys do look so much alike!!

Mandy said...

Great pictures. You look amazing!! Love you so much.

Heather said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, love all the pics! I can't imagine how hard it is for you not to have Reese there with you and imagine what she would be like. Praying for you.

btw, you look great for being pregnant with baby #3!!

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