Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This Week So Far

We are loving this warm weather! The boys are living the life playing outside and eating popsicles. ; )
 Both boys went to the dentist, and it was Colson's first time to go. 
 There's all sorts of fun things for kids, and he did great.
 This past year Zach has been telling me he doesn't like Reese's flowers. So yesterday the boys picked out spring flowers for her vase. It was really sweet, and they mainly went for the daisies. Lots of colors!
Tonight was Zach's PREXLR-8 (choir) end of the year performance. Everyone was supposed to wear pjs, but Zach is kind of funny about this. He won't wear them anywhere except at night at home. Oh well! It was still cute. ; )

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him.

Psalm 37:7


Linds said...

my boys WISH they could wear PJs in public! ha! It's a fight every morning to get them to wear anything other than that right now :) Your boys are so cute!

Rebecca said...

Did Zach's choir sing PJ Party too? I saw on Kelly's blog Harper's choir sang it last week and the PS choir my daughter and I lead is preparing it for May! Such a great little musical with some wonderful rich lessons!
Your boys are dolls! Have a great day!

HogPrin said...

That's funny, Fisher wouldn't wear his matching Hanna Anderson ADORABLE Santa pj's to MDO last Dec, freaked him out, only wants to wear them at home too!

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