Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

Back to Easter! Colson's bruise looks a little better today, but it's more spread out into his eyes. Bless him!

Yea it's April!
My parents spent Easter with us at our house this year. I loved staying home. My mom whipped up Sunday lunch like it was no big deal. I do this in my dreams. ; ) Delicious! 

Don't you love Zach's Easter shoes? Ha! This was a battle I decided not to fight, and it's just real life.
My handsome men & me
Little loves
Silly boys. Shannon, Cody, Westin, & Reagan ate lunch with us.

Sunday afternoon we dyed Easter eggs. We've never done this before with the boys, and they loved it.

Everyone had their own egg, so we took Reese's hers along with some others.

Sunday morning our paster said, "Death is a temporary enemy for Christians." Love this! Yes, absolutely death is our enemy and at times seems permanent, but it's NOT! Death and sin will one day be defeated and Christ will reign in victory forever. Because He lives.

This hope does not disappoint, because God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit...

Romans 5:5


Mandy said...

Great pictures. Hunter wears his crocs (that are way too small) everywhere. I bought him "nicer" sandals for church and he wouldn't wear them either so I took them back. Not worth it! : )

Melanie Mueller said...

Looks like you had a nice day! Great family picture! You guys are such a good looking bunch!

Mer said...

Love it!!!!! Beautiful family pic too!

Becky &Brandon said...

What a beautiful quote!

Summer said...

I just welled up in tears at the presh of Z looking at Reese with all the eggs including her red one!

You are not gonna believe this, ok yeah you will cause you know us, we were dying eggs Saturday and Kelcee dipped one in the red and I went to take it out and she said no let it sit there longer so I did and when she finally took it out it was bright red and she said this "Do you think Reese likes it from Heaven momma?" I melted! I said she loves it and I know her momma will too when I tell her! She see's ya'lls pics on the fridge all the time so Reese is always a part of us as well. Funny how she has impacted a family she has never even met! LIke I told you about Colson that lil linebacker was prob like i'm ok lol and kept on playing bless him, does he look like he just played a game in the NFL ha! Poor baby I hope it heals quick! I love the excited looks on their faces dying eggs and you do have handsome boys but they have gorgeous girls! You and Reese! Love you sweets! I love that pic of your parents and the boys and in my dreams can I whip up a meal as quick as my mom too ha!

Claire said...

Oh, what sweetness. Your sons are adorable.


Hi, I'm Rhonda from Georgia. I've been following your blog for a while now. I just wanted to tell you I think your boys are the cutest litta fellas on the planet!

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