Monday, April 15, 2013

"New" Kitchen Table

Just like with Zach's room I have wanted to get my hands on my kitchen table for awhile, so this weekend Trish and I painted it white. I love it!

This table was a wedding gift almost 11 years ago. It was white and light wood. Several years ago Shannon and I painted it black. It was tough because we had to sand down the table and all four chairs. Ah! 
 So I went into this little project knowing I couldn't possibly mess this it up Especially with the boys it's been through a lot. 

It was chipped on the top in several places so Cam sanded it down. Other than wiping everything down that's the only prep we did. That's what everyone loves about this paint who uses it!
 We used Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax. The color was Old White and the wax was clear. We put three coats of paint on everything. Then we waxed everything once then just the table and chair seats two more times. I was very pleased with the paint and SO thankful for Trish helping me.
 It brightens up our kitchen with the dark floors and walls. Just what I wanted. ; )

So if you're itching to change a little something in your home, go for it! It's amazing what just a different paint color can make.
Team tennis is in full swing! Tonight I played with one of our captains Cindy. Love playing on spring nights. ; ) So thankful for my team!

How precious are your thoughts concerning me, O GOD! How vast in number they are!

Psalm 139:17


Mandy said...

Looks great!! Come on down to D when you want! : )

Hillary said...

Amazing! I refinished out kitchen table a couple of years ago and it already needs to be redone. (what is with with little boys and them picking at paint?? :) I'd love to try some of that Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax!

Also, how the heck do you keep your carpet under the table so clean???

Lots of love to you all!


Cindi said...

Awesome job!!!! And my oldest, Jake, is starting to reeeeallly love tennis, so we're spending a lot of our evenings on the courts too. :) So much fun!

Mer said...

Good job! Fabe and I have been playing alot at night. SO NICE...and it'll be hot before you know it!

Maureen said...

Hi Katie,

I love how your table turned out! I have been using AS on lots of pieces in my house. I recently started a FB page called "Annie Sloan Projects Before/After" where people post pics to get ideas and see how different colors look with the dark/clear wax. If you're interested in joining, just go to the page and I'll add you.

happy painting!

Sarah Robbins said...

The table looks great! I love Anne Sloan Chalk paint. A tip with kids, if they ever get paint, crayon, etc. on it, you can just use a little wax, then buff and 99% of things come off. I will never have a table that's not waxed again after seeing how durable it is!

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