Saturday, February 9, 2013


We've been in Snowmass this week. ; ) After the retreat I flew to Colorado to meet my family. One of my favorite places in the world. I had looked forward to the retreat for so long that I hadn't thought much about our ski trip. We had a wonderful week!

BUT I was so ready to get home to see this cutie pie. 
We'll take him next time we go, but he was too little this year. Thanks Gran and G-Daddy for spoiling little brother this week!

I keep watching this video clip and can't stop laughing. My niece Mary is the first little skier then you see a flash of red who is my son.
Thankfully, it all worked out and she got him back later in the day. ; )

How lovely is Your dwelling place,
    Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the Lord...

Psalm 84:1-2


Jennifer said...

Zach is a little Jason! No fear at all! :)
So glad y'all had a fun trip!

Mandy said...

Hilarious! Abby would have had to recover for a week after that. Z is a hoot. Missed being there this year. Next t ime!!

ashley said...

That is hilarious! Makes me want to get my girls skiing. :)

Mer said...

I could watch it 10 times and laugh every time!!!! LOVED LOVED!

Candy Johnson said...

Bahahahah! Loved it, and Kohen is just laughing and laughing followed by, "again!"

Missed you guys this week, and hope we see you guys tomorrow at tennis!

Summer said...

Bwhahaahah that's awesome go Z lol! I love Snowmassss and Colson is just too cute for words and K has cookies like that lol! How precious! Glad you all had a great time sweet friend!

love you

I'm Cindi... said...

LOVE it, Katie!!! Your retreat sounds amazing, and I can tell from this video your vacation definitely was. :) Can't wait to see Colson on the slopes next year!

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