Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hope Moms Retreat

So back to the retreat! Wow, it's hard to even put into words what went through my heart and mind in less than 48 hours. It's a lot to process! It felt like I was there much longer (in a good way).

I met a few girls at the airport and rode with them. This really helped me feel more comfortable when we arrived at Haven River Inn. I had emailed with a few of the girls over the past few years but had never met anyone who was coming. I was a little nervous. ; )
This is where we stayed. So beautiful, right? There were even rocking chairs on the porch. ; )
 I immediately noticed all the Scripture on cards filling the house. I loved this! What better way to welcome the LORD into our weekend than by reminding us at every turn of His truth?
 Erin and Sarah did an amazing job with everything down to the details. They made everyone these candle holders with our babies' initials and birthdays on them.

The weekend was filled with amazing food, worship, sessions, and small group time. I haven't cried and talked so much in a long time. I told Jason I didn't lift a finger the entire weekend. It felt very strange!
 Saturday afternoon we had some free time so some of us went on a little walk. The weather was beautiful all weekend. These women became so dear to my heart! I trusted my deepest wound with them, and they completely understood.
 This was the room where we met for our sessions. See the board on the left side? This displayed all of our babies' pictures and their stories on the back. I couldn't even look at it until Saturday, and even then I could only pick out a few pictures. This was very difficult for me, but it got easier each time.
 Saturday night we put together Hope Boxes for women in the hospital who lose their baby. It includes a Bible, a journal, The One Year Book of Hope, tea, cards, and a brochure all about Hope Mommies.

Ya'll know I'm not crafty, but I loved making this box. Especially because it was in Reese's honor. It only took me about an hour, and I just burned my finger with the glue gun once. ; ) This may have been because I wanted it perfect and also we were up late talking and laughing while we made them. Yes, thankfully one of my new friends was hilarious and made me laugh until I cried!
Jennifer, Mary Beth, & Holly
These are the girls I met at the airport. 
Christin and Anna were in my group. We had another girl who was in our group, but she had to leave early Sunday morning. I was over and above blessed by them!
 This was my roommate Kim. Love this girl. Kim emailed me a few years ago after they found out their sweet Julia Grace had Trisomy 18. She had read my blog since Reese was born. It was so special to finally meet her!
 Sunday morning before we left we released balloons.
 In one of the sessions, we listened to a song "Restoration is Your Song." The chorus is still playing over and over in my head.

Though we may find pain tomorrow
You reach out to catch our tears.
And you make things new,
You will right what is wrong.
Healing flows from You,
And restoration is Your song.

The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise...

2 Peter 3:9


Taylor said...

This gave me goosebumps. So glad you had a great weekend, and continually praying for you!

Hillary said...

Oh the retreat looked wonderful! Will it be in the same place next year?


Lauren said...

What a beautiful weekend for you!!!! Love and miss you, friend!!

Carrie said...

What a beautiful place to stay! I'm actually going with a few girlfriends this weekend to Comfort and to Fredericksburg! It broke my heart to see all of those sweet babies' pictures on that board. No one should have to go through that. It's wonderful that you can get together with those girls and cry for, but also celebrate your babies. I'm glad you had such a great weekend together!

ashley said...

I love all the details...every last one. What a beautiful weekend and I'm so thankful you had this opportunity. :)

Lauren said...

What a special retreat! I'm so, so glad you got to go and connect with other mom's who truly understand your wound and pain. I got an email this morning from our youth minister's wife saying she found your blog through mine and was able to share your posts about Hope Mom's with a friend who recently lost a child. She specifically asked that I tell you how much you are blessing the lives of other mommies! :) It's amazing to see how God is using you, Reese, your testimony and your blog to reach out to other women. Love it.

Christy said...

I am so happy that you were able to experience the retreat! Thanks for sharing your story.

Brandi said...

What a beautiful weekend to remember your sweet girl!!

Leanne said...

Okay, there is a LARGE lump in my throat and I'm holding back torrents of tears....

I would love to go to a retreat like that in my area. There are none that I know of. It looks like you really were bathed in the Balm of Gilead the whole weekend!

I would also love to do something like the boxes you made for our local hospital here. That box was beautiful.

Seeing the balloons is what really got me. Balloons are significant to me too.....

I'm happy that you felt that you were able to trust those ladies with your deepest wounds. Nobody understands this road like someone who is walking it or has walked it!

Take care, friend.

Linds said...

this is so amazing. I love that this is available!

Elizabeth said...

Amazing...maybe I'll get to go one day too!

Mandy said...

I am so happy that you were able to go and loved it. I cried reading your post because I know how much it meant to you. Love you!!!

HogPrin said...

Great pics lady love it and love seeing you in them again! Reminded me of all the healing.

Mara said...

What a wonderful thing for you to attend! I'm so glad you have those girls and they have you:)

Lindsay Carlisle said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so inspired by your thankfulness and joy that you have, after experiencing such a tragic loss. My husband and I have been trying for several years to get pregnant, and we found out in November we were finally expecting, however it lasted only a short while, and I eventually miscarried for unknown reasons. Although it was devastating, we have even more hope now! I just started my first blog (it's a lil rough, but working on it!) and hope to connect with other sunshine baby moms, as I call them!

Saeed Zia said...
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Miquela said...

Thank you for sharing your story and your life with us. A girl in our church (who I actually don't know at all) just found out her baby has Trisomy 18. She will carry him to term, and from what I hear from others-- she and her husband are giving God all the glory and just thankful for the time they have with him. I wanted you to know that I passed on Hope Mommies website and resources (from your blog) to a mutual friend so they could tell her about it. I pray she will be able to connect and find strength and encouragement through others that have walked this road before her. You are amazing! Thank you for making it all about the Lord. That's what life is all about it! Making much of Him! Thanks!!

Sara said...

Great post! I don't get on blogs much, but glad to visit yours and see this!

Katie said...

I am so jealous that my mom got to be there and I didn't! I already told Erin that I will do whatever I have to so that I can be there next year :) Mom told me that she was super awkward when she met you, so sorry about that! Haha! She's a mess :)

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