Thursday, September 13, 2012


Thursday is my one day during the week both boys are in school. I adore them to pieces, but a few hours to myself is so nice. ; ) They need a break from me, too I'm sure!
Colson is really into sunglasses and shoes. Zach could care less (as long as his shoes go "fast"). Don't worry I fixed his straps. ; )
After I dropped the boys off, I went to Target. Going there is kind of like therapy. Ha! I took the plunge and bought some colored jeans. Since they've been around awhile I thought I would give them a try. ; )
I also worked on Reese's fall flowers. My mom helped me pick them out. They are still a little high, but I really like them. I could mess with them for hours to get them just right.

I met Jason for lunch at our favorite bbq place. It's one of my favorite things to do because we can actually talk! We aren't shouting over the boys or too tired after they go to bed. It's perfect.

It's been a pretty low-key week. I can't believe Zach has already been in school a month. I feel like we are just settling in to fall!

Trust in Him at all times...pour out your heart before Him.

Psalm 62:8


Melanie Mueller said...

Sounds like a great use of time!! I get Tues and Thursday to myself and it is amazing how fast the time goes!
Colson is so cute in his sunglasses and Reese's fall arrangement looks so pretty!
I am about to break down and get some colored jeans too! I guess I will check out Target!
Have a great weekend!

Hillary said...

I love Reece's new fall arrangement! It's so pretty! I'm sure she's loving it too :). Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Sarah Condon said...

I love Reese's arrangement. We are now in the midst of picking out Bennett's memorial marker and I made sure there is a vase on it as well. I am going to love going out and spending some time there and arranging the flowers. It seems like a special time for you all and us as their mommys. Where did you get your flowers from?? I need some tips on where to go as I have not done this before.

Mel Tales said...

I love the fall arrangement! So pretty! Have a great weekend!

the osbornes said...

Katie, our lives sound pretty similar right now! :) I only have one day a week with both boys in school, too, and I soak it up! I'm actually loving more one-on-one time with Sam this year though. School has been an adjustment for all of us!
LOVE Reese's fall arrangement!

I'm Cindi... said...

Lunch dates are the BEST, Colson is killing me with his sunglasses upside down (LOVE IT!!), and Reese's flowers look absolutely beautiful, Katie!

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