Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

Even though it still feels like summer, Labor Day always makes it officially fall to me. ; )
I took this picture our first time to the pool in May.
This morning was probably our last time to go until next summer. I think Zach is ok with this because he's already asking when he can play in the snow.

Zach begins PRE-XLR8 (choir) and Awana this week! Even Colson is doing Awanas. Too funny. I'm excited for everything they will learn about God's Word this year!

Above all, keep your love for one another at full strength...

1 Peter 4:8


The Rohman Family said...

We were scheduled for our last trip to the pool this year, but it's cloudy and rainy and Middle Tennessee today. Happy Labor Day!

Summer said...

What a great picture of Z and Jason! I always feel sad at the end of Summer but then all excited to bust out the ugg boots and get ready for the smells of fall! We too did the last swim at our Subdivison private pool yesterday and cookout! I am glad ya'll had an awesome weekend! xoxo Sums

Mer said...

That's a total Jason face.

Linds said...

So sweet! He's grown so much in just the short summer. Brayden is starting AWANA this week too. I'm kind of nervous with how he'll do, and a little sad, as this is his first real extra curricular activity, and I know it's just the start of shuttling him here there and everywhere.

Hillary said...

Oh I just love that it's almost fall!Does this mean we can start to decorate for Halloween? :)I'm just soo ready for some cooler weather!

Lots of love to you friend!


Kati @ "along for the ryde..." said...

We are starting AWANA around here too! Is Colson going to be in the Puggles class? I was surprised to hear R could start when he was only 2, but I think it will be GREAT for them!

Ashley said...

How neat for him to do a choir. My kids love to sing!

I am so glad that summer is over and it will get colder...but I am sure by Jan. I will be impatiently waiting for summer again :)

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