Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I love hearing your hearts. Ya'll are the sweetest! Yes, life is hard enough so why add anything extra we don't need to?

This morning Zach was supposed to wear his Halloween costume to school, but he told me it was too itchy. I guess I'll be taking it back.  Nothing like last minute finding another costume! I think I may get creative and use some things we already have. We'll see.

Colson also had his 15 month appointment this morning. When the doctor walked in the room she said, "Colson, did you eat your brother? Where is he?" I don't think Z realizes yet that his little brother is going to be bigger than he is. 

Colson is healthy and perfect, and I praise GOD for both of our boys!
This is one of our recent visitors. Thankfully he did not stay very long. ; ) 
This may be our first walking Reese's name gallery picture. ; )
I did eat a few meals with our turtle since he was on our kitchen table in a box. We bonded for sure, but I think he ran for his life when Z let him go!

Ok, so the waves in the back of my hair are multiplying. It's so funny to me because nothing like this has ever happened to my hair. I know it's random, but maybe one day if my hair is really curly I'll have my blog to look back and see when it started changing!
This is one of my favorite fall treats.
It's just candy corn, M&M's, and peanuts mixed together, but it's so good!

This picture was not staged at all. As I was taking pictures, Zach had to try some too. Of course he just picked out the M&M's and candy corn. I'm already a little sick from eating it! So good.

Then the One seated on the throne said, "Look! I am making everything new...these words are faithful and true."

Revelation 21:5


Katie said...

Poor turtle! LOL! I love that candy corn mix too. I have already told myself that I can't buy any more candy corn. ;)

Dru said...

My hair has done the same thing. I swear if I had one more child my entire head would be curls. After my first, a section of the back started to get wavy. After the last 3 kids the entire back is curly but the front sides are straight. What am I supposed to do with half a curly head? ;-)

Christy said...

My hair is doing the same thing! I went to my hairdresser b/c I thought I had a bad haircut and she started working with it and realized it was wavy. My hair has been straight as a board my whole life! I have heard that can happen with hormones and pregnancy but I was so shocked it happened to me!

Sarah said...

My little sister used to have perfectly straight hair, totally stick straight. When she was around 10 it started to get wavy on the underneath and now it's SUPER SUPER corkscrew curly! I wonder what till happen with your hair. I bet you'd be really pretty with wavy hair (but you're pretty now too!) :)

Mandy said...

The turtle is cracking me up. So funny!!!! Sweet Z and oh, so precious Colson. Praise God for all 3 of your kidos!

Jennifer said...

I love the turtle! Hilarious!
And I am going to have to add some M&Ms to our candy corn and peanut mixture! Sounds great!

Courtney said...

I love it that your hair is turning curly. I actually prayed and asked God to make my hair curly after Titus and He said no. Just being honest... Maybe it will happen after Mercy. hehe

Linds said...

it was so good to see you tonight and talk! that candy corn mix looks AMAZING. I might have to do that before the weekend's over and the candy corn goes back into hibernation :)

Tristan said... hair is always a curly mess!!

that snack looks good..and i love that you have your baby girls pail sweet!

DianeTaylor said...

I hear you about the hair thing - mine is just so unruly these days! And dry - oh Lord, what to do, what to do :(
Love the turle pics - and that looks like a delicious snack! I made pumpkin shaped whoopie pies (48 of them!) for a charity bake sale yesterday and YUM YUM they disappeared in minutes. All the time and affort was sure worth it.

Have a great weekend, Katie!


Tiff said...

I love the bucket idea and the new roving tribute to Reese! :)

What is up with boys and bugs and turtles and frogs?!? Blah!

Kristen said...

That snack combo is one of my very, very favorites!

Jill said...

I laugh because my 4 yr old boy doesn't like his hands dirty, but will pick up a lizard, frog, bugs, anything! I love it. Little boys really are made of snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. :)

Summer said...

LOL at the turtle and I can picture you eating lunch with the turtley turtle in his box beside you bahahah that cracks me up! I love that Z painted his turtle and you added Reese's name to him for her name galllery! See now that the turtle is gonna run for the hills lol...he will for sure be showing everybody someone super special REESE on his way :)

I love love love love that pic of Z's little hand so delicatly placed on the bucket with his big sis's name on it! Not gonna lie it made me cry! So special so sweet so perfect JUST LIKE HER!!

I love the halloween mix gonna snag it mmmkay lol

hahahahahahah that the dr. asked if Colson ate Z...that is ha-larious...Kelcee was such a chunky monkey when she was little now she is this long lean little girl...I love chunky healthy babies...

where my hair is falling out in places and as it grows back it is coming in baby hair curly...kinda :)

I bet yours looks great!!

thank you so much for that sweet email yesterday...I have had a rough few weeks and your words made my whole night...thanks girl

love you

omg could this comment get any longer hahhaahahahah

Kim W. said...

I love seeing Reese's bucket year after year. Thinking about getting something special for Julia Grace for this time of year, too. Afraid mine ought not to hold anything edible though; my self-control is not always the best. ;)

And I love the turtle. Our boys would be the same way. Aaron's latest idea is that the boys can get a pet snake. Oh mercy...I can not handle that. He and I will be having a talk soon. ;)

Enjoy your weekend with your sweet family, Katie.

:) Kim W.

Brandy said...

not to be a fun sucker, but turtles often carry rabies. As someone who's whole family had to undergo the rabies vaccine series last summer...I'd steer clear.

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