Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boots, Leaves & Squirrels

I'm so excited about Zach's little boots. I saw them at Walmart last week and snatched them right up. Usually I don't think of snow boots until mid January when the ground is covered with snow and we can't go anywhere and of course by then it's way too late. A lot of stores are just putting out bathing suits and flip flops anyway. Which is crazy.
So we are ready. Not really ready for snow, but you know what I mean. Maybe by then Colson will be walking so I'm thinking I need to go back and get him some. ; )
Z brought home these leaves from school, and they are just too cute to leave out. He made the red one for me. It's my favorite leaf ever.

My little photographer took these funny pics at CFA today.

Shannon and I were laughing at what his perspective was like. ; )

The Purple Squirrels' season ended tonight. I have loved watching these little guys play every week. They won most of their games, but of course I wasn't keeping score. ; )

My mom and one of her best friends are coming tomorrow for all the NWA craft fairs. Lots of silliness, laughter, and kettle corn. I.Can't.Wait.

There is no one who can hold back His hand...

Daniel 4:35


Hillary said...

Cute cute boots! I wished South Texas saw more snow!

Those pics from CFA are too funny. When ever I let Grady loose with my camara its nothing but pictures of the carpet! :)

Hope you have fun at the craft fair! Be sure to show us what you pick up!


Kimberley said...

i'm hoping to hit a craft fair or two this week, too. hope you have a great time!!

Becky said...

A craft fair. Now that is every woman's dream weekend!! I actually like Z's photo perspecitive.

Rebekah said...

Those boots are so cute!!! Cilla loves CFA. I may never eat it again once we get out of this stage of life! My friend Lauren is in the background of the picture with Westin...do you know her? Or is that just completely random?!

Mer said...

Those pics z took made me LAUGH OUT loud!

m&msmommy said...

Those boots are adorable!! We do the same thing...wait until there is 12 inches of snow on the ground and THAN look for snow boots! ;)

That picture of Zach and his soccer team is SO precious!

Have fun at the craft fair! I love those sorts of things :)

Josh and Kate said...

What a fun soccer season the boys had together! I'm going to miss seeing you every week. We need together soon. =)

Tiff said...

I love the team photo. :) I laughed looking at his prospective too!

Hope yall are having a great week!

Amy said...

love the pics from cfa...sometimes i'm afraid that's what my perspective is like when we eat there. i see my food and then my kids - haha! :)

julie & joe said...

Yea for the snow boots! I'm an hour north of you and I'm hearing predictions of early snow this year.
Aaron has a camera and I love to see the photos he takes. So fun!

Shara said...

I don't comment often - but I had to tell you that I sa yourhusband today. It's funny, because he just walked past me and I thought he doesn't even know that I know his name is Jason and his wife is Katie and he has two sons Zach and Coleson and they lost their daughter Reese and he is a pilot and Katie is going to War Eagle and I could go on and on. I sound like a stalker, and I promise you I am not! I just thought it was funny all the things I knew about him and he didn't even notice me. :D

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