Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Friend, an Owl, & a Full House

It's been a fun crazy past few days!

My blog friend Lauren came all the way from Florida to visit some friends, and I was able to meet her for dinner Thursday night. We became friends through the blog world when Reese was born but had never actually met in real life. 
I was so excited and had looked forward to meeting her for months! She convinced me to join Twitter and helped me get set up. Hillary and Niki helped too because I need a lot of it. ; )

Last night I went to our small group's pumpkin carving contest. This was at least our sixth year to do this, and it's one of my favorites. I always get so tickled seeing everyone's pumpkins. 
I went the easy route this year, but this owl was too cute. I think we've gotten a little lazy. ; ) The girls would rather just talk and eat without kids than carve pumpkins outside in the cold. Ha!
Lindsey, Shannon, Abby, & me

Our good friends Barry and Morgan and their three boys also spent last night with us. We had so much fun! It was much more calm than I expected. Maybe we should have three more boys. Completely kidding.
Barrett, Zach, & Branton

Colson decided to try on his Halloween outfit. ; )

Being a turtle is perfect for him since he is still crawling!
This morning we went to Asa's 1st birthday party. Everything was perfect for his day.
the birthday boy
Hope you are enjoying this fall weekend!

When they walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs. The autumn rains will cover it with blessings.

Psalm 84:6


Kelly said...

Where are your boots from?! They are too cute! I am on the search for great boots this fall! So hard!

Linds said...

Colson sure is a cute turtle!

Lauren said...

I am BEYOND thrilled I got to see you and spend time with you!!!! Love you friend :)

Kelley said...

you know, i can tell you from experience, that 3 more boys IS alot of fun... ;) love ya and of course, praying!

Melissa said...

Too cute! I love the turtle.
I love your scripture today Katie.


Diane said...

The turtle costume is too cute. :-)

Kim W. said...

The blogging world is truly wonderful and has been a blessing to me. Glad you and your sweet friend were able to finally connect in person. How fun!

And I have to ask (I'll email you) where you got your necklace from. I love it. I just ordered one from the Vintage Pearl for Julia Grace, but I don't think I could ever have too many.

PS. Such an adorable little turtle you have. ;)

Jenny said...

Seriously, could you family be any cuter? Y'all are just darling and I'm glad you had such a FUN weekend!

Deidre said...

I love the owl! So cute.

The turtle is precious, too :)

Morgan said...

Thanks for such a fun weekend! The boys had the best time! They are still talking about it!

Tiff said...

Oh. My. The turtle costume is great!! Love him! Girl, I didn't know you were on twitter.. I am going to have to find ya! :)

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