Saturday, October 1, 2011

Step Stools #2 & #3

Do ya'll remember this step stool?

Well, it was a bust. The legs were just a little too wobbly for Z so he never used it. I sit on it now when I give the boys a bath. ; ) 

So I ordered these stools from Pottery Barn for the boys. I love them! We use them all the time.

We were so excited when they arrived at our house. Silly, I know, but it's the little things, right?

Just in case you're wondering I have an update on this Peanut girl. I found out her real name, but she really does go by her nickname. She seems nice enough. I have my eye on her. ; )

The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.

1 Corinthians 10:26


Carolina Girl said...

Love the stools! Simple yet adorable and perfect. Don't you just love getting packages in the mail (even if you did order it yourself)? I know I do. Did I miss the link/story about peanut girl?

Dana said...

Haha! Too funny about the peanut girl! I am soo gonna be the same way with Noah :) And trust me as handsome as your boys are I am sure there will be TONS of more "peanut girls", HA!! The stools are super cute!!!! How did you do the boy's bathroom decor? I have been searching ALL over and cannot find anything I like. Did you do a set or do a little of one thing and then add to it?

Tiff said...

I love the stools! Colson looks like a big boy.. How did that happen? Ha!

Lauren said...

So cute!!!!! :)

Becky said...

We found out one of the triplets has a little girl in her class that they call 'Cha Cha'. Her real name is Charity. How cute is that? Until she reaches puberty....

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