Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Happy March!

Z has been so sweet to Colson these past few days. I'm so thankful! He's been going through a bit of a jealous phase again, but hopefully he is coming out of it. For now. ; )

Snuggling on the couch

Colson looks even chubbier than I thought he was!

So serious!
Best friends in the making

We are finished with breathing treatments, too. Yea! Colson is still coughing, but the congestion is not in his chest. He did well with the treatments, but it takes both Jason and me to do them. One to hold him and the mask, and one to entertain.

That's about it. ; ) I'm in the middle of settling in from being out of town and getting nervous about our relay race coming up. I feel so behind in reading my blogs! Just a season of life. ; )

But You, GOD my Lord...deliver me because of the goodness of Your faithful love...my heart is wounded within me.

Psalm 109:21, 22


Melanie Mueller said...

Such precious brothers!! They are two SUPER cute boys!! I love the bond siblings seem to have right away. My two oldest boys have their days where they ar ebest friends and days where they can't get along for one minute. But I there is no doubt that they love each other and would protect each other always!!
Great pictures!!

Rebekah said...

Precious, Precious brothers! We are debating if we want another baby and that makes me want to have one right now! Such a special bond that siblings have!

Donna said...

So sweet Katie!! My boys are best friends too...34 years later!!

Mrs. V said...

Colson is getting SO big! Their dark hair and eyes are so handsome. You will have to watch the ladies when they're in high school! haha Glad to hear C is off breathing treatments!

Tiff said...

I have to do breathing treatments twice a day and the bigger T gets, the more he fights it! It's pretty frustrating.

I can't believe how much Z and C look alike. And I LOVE those sweet chubby cheeks on C too! :)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so cute! Loving Colson's little chin! Glad they're best bros.

jessie said...

i feel you on the breathing treatments. we're on round 3 since january. we just can't kick the rsv... try doing them alone! thankfully olivia has (i guess) just given in and this round hasn't been as painful. she's really good at holding the mask herself now! i hope y'all are done for good!!

This is the day! said...

Your boys are so sweet! I know all about the jealous phases and it does seem to come and go. They sure are cute together.

Aim said...

oh don't even get me started with the treatments! WE ARE DOING THEM RIGHT NOW TOO! A 4 month old, 3 and 4 year old! 3 treatments, 3 times a day! Gotta love it! I am beginning to hear the sound of the machine when it's NOT on! ;) My older ones LOVE treatment time because they know that's when they get to watch a show. LONG DAYS! :) If only we lived closer we could make it a treatment party! OK. maybe not. :)
side note: it's actually better when they scream and cry cause that means the meds are getting farther down into their lungs! I say cry away!

Tristan said...

oh my word..they are just so handsome!!! sweet sweet boys!!

my blog is going private :( I need your email to add you!


Cuddles and Chaos said...

I saw this on zuilly.com today and it made me think of your sweet girl. I thought that the 3 flowers are your sweet babies.
Hope you're having a good day.


Nicole said...

I used to do the breathing treatments after my son was asleep in his crib. I would just hold the mouth part up to his nose and mouth. The Dr actually suggested this because he fought the mask so much. I put a tissue or paper towel in the other end. My son has asthma and he had those bad coughing jags a lot. Still does but now we have it controlled with inhalers and see an asthma/allergy specialist.

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