Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First & Last

Sunday was a big day. It was Colson's first time in the church nursery!

Yes, we are those parents. And I'm completely ok with that. ; )

Zach must have told Colson not to smile, but he was very excited. He did great, too.

Yesterday we had a little visiter come over to play. ; )

The four month gap is closing a little bit for these two. Westin is all over the place, and Colson is content to play and watch. No surprise there. ; ) Thanks for coming, West!

I love how these two sit by each other and interact. Zach hands Colson his toys if they get too far away. When Colson falls to the side, Z is quick to push him back up. Sometimes he just pushes his head, but at least he is trying!

Today was our last Bible study time for Breaking Free. There is a poem called "A Healing Captive" in the back of the book, and these words spoke so clearly to me this morning,

O, GOD, Who lifts the grieving head,
Blow away the ashes
But let Your gentle hand upon my brow
Be my only crown of beauty.
Comfort me so deeply,
My Healer,
That I seek no other comfort.

This study has been wonderful. I've been so encouraged meeting with other women each week to study GOD's word together. In the last lesson Beth writes, "Never forget, there is only one Stronghold that frees when it binds." I love this!

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But as for me, GOD's presence is my good.

Psalm 73:28


Meg said...

Love the pictures, so cute. Colson's hair is perfect!

Kelley said...

Aaahh, there's that passage from the other day - Psalm 73. And vs 25 says "Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you." Love it! His presence is our good.

Love you, and as always, praying ~ K

Miranda said...

We put Tristan in the nursery too :-) He was happier there and we were able to enjoy the service :-)

Your boys are SO CUTE! I love how they interact with one another.. I can't wait for this!

Kaysie said...

Z looks so much like Jason! :) I can't get enough of Colson's hairdo!


Dianna said...

I love the picture of them on the couch! Colson looks so big. I love your children's tan complexion! So jealous.

Hillary said...

What an amazing poem! I think I read it and then re-read it like 5 times :)! It's just the right kind of comfort for me lately!

kelly said...

Hi Katie! I always read and enjoy your blog. I appreciate your refreshing honesty and hope in the midst of struggle. I also have 2 boys almost exactly the ages of yours.
I wanted to tell you (from another THAT mom!) that the toy in the pic next to Colson has been recalled a couple months ago due to choking hazard. Its the inflatable ball with the other ball inside. The blow-up part can come off. We had the same toy. FP will replace it if you call them. Just wanted you you to know! Moms have to look out for each other :)

Summer said...

Katie I cracked up when you said Z pulls Colson back up and sometime tries to by his head LOL that is so cute and so brotherly ha! I am totally in love with the Colson Hawk it is fabulous and I haven't seen one wore any cuter he rocks it!!

Wow that verse really spoke to me just now too! Thanks for sharing it sweet girl!

You look so pretty! Yay that West and Colson are so close in age, they look like they are already best buds


Carolina Girl said...

We're 'those' parents too. The ladies at church keep telling us they'll watch Maggie for us and I keep saying, "I know..."

One day. Just not now. :)

The Vosslers said...

lol ... we are "those" parents, too. I feel guilty because the nursery wants our babies, but I am not ready to hand them over just yet!

Katie said...

I am always impressed with babies who can stay in church so long! Mine have both been in the nursery by 3 mo. old. They aren't quiet babies at all. Ha!

Alison said...

He's getting so big! That's too sweet of Z to pass over his toys.
Let me know if you do another Beth Moore study. I might be interested in joining if I can arrange it with my work schedule.

Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on blogs so this is a bit late :) Just had to say I LOVE that poem and I may just re-post it on my blog. That totally speaks to my soul right now. Your boys look very sweet together :)

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