Sunday, February 27, 2011

Babies Babies

What a wonderful weekend! Hillary's shower was yesterday, and I loved every second. Sadie is one blessed little girl to have Hil as her mom.

Jenny's little boy will be here soon, too. She had no idea when I took this pic. ; ) I can't wait to meet Luke!

Me, Jenny, Hil, Laura, & Sarah
We missed you, Suzanne!

Laura is also pregnant, so it's a fun time to see so many friends prege. These girls are a huge part of my heart. I only wish I could see them more!

The moms
We missed Halita's smiling face, and I know she was there with us.

Hillary received a lot of sweet gifts, and I'm so excited for her. I hope Sadie is sassy like her mama, too. ; )

I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. I will build you up again,

and you...will be rebuilt.

Jeremiah 31:3,4


Mandy said...

So cute! Love the pictures. Jenny looks just like her momma!!! Crazy. I fixed a recipe today that was written in Halita's handwriting. Brought tears to my eyes too. Life is precious! Love you sis!

Lauren said...

So fun! I miss seeing those girls and I can't believe so many of them are prego! I'm still sick I missed your call on Friday, we need to try again this week if you have a free moment! I miss hearing your voice! Glad you had fun at Hil's shower and I agree with you, Sadie just has to be sassy like her mamma! :)

Mary Madeline said...

Katie, I love your dress!!

Donna said...

Baby showers are such a fun affirmation of life! Really good friends like yours are wonderful support throughout lilfe and celebrations like these make it all so much better!

I'm with your dress!

Alex and Jill said...

I love Hillary...she makes me laugh so hard. I hate that I had to miss the shower!! She is blessed to have such sweet friends like you girls.

Love the pics.

Tristan said...

how fun!!!

my blog is going private :(.....please send me your email addy to TIMEL123@HOTMAIL.COM..I want to make sure you can still read it!

Poirier Family said...

So glad you took that first picture!! It's a beautiful view! All your pictures are great really adds to your blog.

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