Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We are a mess around here. Jason came home sick from out of town last week. Colson has a sinus infection, and we've been giving him breathing treatments. I'm so thankful Z and I are healthy, but he put a chocolate chip up his nose the other day, and I'm not quite sure I'm over it. ; ) I keep telling myself it's life! I take lots of deep breaths, too. ; )

I've been thinking about Colson's Easter bucket and the boys' outfits. Both Zach and Reese have an Easter bucket, so I'm excited to find one for Cols. Zach will wear a white polo (surprise!) and pants or shorts depending on the weather, but I'm not sure what I want Colson to wear. A cute jon jon maybe? I don't know if a jon jon would go well with his faux hawk. ; )

Z has really gotten into playing with play doh. He has the perfect set up.

He lines up all the animals facing the same direction.
I've been thinking about how "scheduled" I am these days. It's funny because when Z was born I never had him on a strict routine. We did what we wanted to do whenever we wanted until he was about one. That's when he really got into taking good naps.

Colson, on the other hand, was born on a schedule. He's just this kind of baby. He goes to bed at seven, wakes up around six thirty (except the past two nights he's been up several times), and naps at ten and two. It's his personality.
I am enjoying his dependable nature, but I know it may not always be like this!
Z is driving his jeep much better this year. I rode around with him last summer when I was pregnant, and we barely moved. Ha!

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Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in Him,
for He shields him all day long,
and the one the LORD loves rests between His shoulders.

Deuteronomy 33:12


Brandi said...

A sinus infection, poor baby!!!! UGH! And a chocolate chip, oh my goodness!!! You poor thing!! Kids are sooo tough!!!!!! Hope u don't get sick!!!!

Kelley said...

Sorry you've got the sickies there! Breathing treatments are no fun :( Been thinking about you alot - have another epic thought to share with you if/when I ever get another chunk of "free" (ha!) time.
Deep breaths are good :) and my favorite for "up the nose" are peas - at least chocolate chips would eventually melt, right? :) Keep smiling, my friend. Even though some of them are hard, each day is a gift! Love you, and as always, praying for you ~ k

Tristan said...

my blog is going private, let me know your you can follow :)

Hillary said...

How the heck do you get your playdough so nice looking?:) Our ends up either "picked" to death or one long crazy colored snake! Love the boys cute pics!

Alex and Jill said...

You poor thing! I think the chocolate chip up the nose would have freaked me out. LOL I hope that baby boy feels better soon. I'm ready for spring - how about you!?? :)

Melanie Mueller said...

Oh- weeks like that are such a test. Chocolate chip up the nose--too funny! My oldest put a yogurt covered raisin up his. It does freak a mom out. Luckliy, an ENT is always there as a last resort. =) We have since had a bead from a bracelet flushed out of his ear and a rock up his nose too...silly boys!
We love Playdoh around here too. It will keeps my boys busy forever! So worth the mess.
Such sweet pictures of your handsome little guys!! Hope everyone is 100% soon!

Linds said...

I loved so loud when I read that Z stuck chocolate chips up his nose. I know I won't laugh that hard when it happens with Brayden... haha!

And for the record, I vote for a matching white polo on Cols :)

Becky said...

With my youngest, it was a popcorn kernel. Just gently blow... Yeah, Colson with his 'do' and a sweet jon-jon??? Maybe camo?

Miranda said...

I love how he lines his animals up! Tristan does that with his cars :-) I love watching him play and think things out.

That's awesome about Colson being on such a good schedule! Thankfully, Tristan has been a good schedule baby too! :-) Makes things a LITTLE easier..LoL

The Rohman Family said...

Just had to laugh at your comment about the jon-jon and the 'hawk.' I just never really thought my boys looks cute in jon-jons :)

Anonymous said...

Hope baby Colson feels better soon! Zach is so brave driving that Jeep! What a big guy!

Rhonda said...

My baby boy rocked a faux hawk with his jon jon last easter! Colson can pull it off ;)

Carolina Girl said...

Okay, first of all...I'm amazed at Zach's play do playing! Grady is a total disaster when it comes to play doh. ha!

I remember a set of twin girls sticking tic tacs up their nose at church years ago. Their Grandma ended up having them sniff pepper and voila', out the tic tacs came. I've kept that nugget tucked in my mommmy files for future reference.

I hope C and J are feeling better. Breathing treatments for babes are NO fun and nearly impossible to pull off. Don't ya think?

My sister is a respiratory therapist and any time the kids get sick, she always recommends chest physical therapy to keep the junk from settling in their lungs. Even if it starts to settle, you'll be ahead of the game by having started already.

Whatever you decide for C's Easter outfit, I know he'll be super cute! Can't wait to see his bucket!

willis71 said...

When my son was 1 we were swing one night and I noticed that he had a weird color coming out of his nose. I naturally started to panic. When we got him inside to try and see what was going on, I wanted to take him to the ER because I just knew that something was wrong. Come to find out he had stuck mini m&m's up his nose and they had started melting and running out of his nose! Needless to say when didn't buy any of those again.

The Vosslers said...

lol ... we had one who stuck a clove up his nose. His breath never smelled so good! When he was older, he went for a plastic bb ... that needed the Ear,Nose and Throat Specialist to remove it. My youngest boy used to sit in his high chair and pack his nostrils with food. ... the nurse taught me how to hold one nostril plugged and blow through his mouth and the food would shoot out his plugged nostril. Grrrosss!!!!

Sarah said...

I hear ya. We've been dealing with all that AND throw up too...gross. And of course it all happens on a week when hubby has lost of late meetings. BOO!
It's a season of life, it's a season of life, it's JUST a season...I tell myself that over and over again.
Oh, and we've been potty training too. Even more gross...
And I think you need to put Colson in some sort of trendy Gap outfit for Easter...he's got the cool hair, so he needs a little man outfit!

Donna said...

Ah...boys!! They are little snips and snails and do the darndest things!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Thinking of easter...their outfits will be adorable no matter what you pick!

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