Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to Crawl

For the past few weeks, Zach has been rolling around on the carpet to get where he wants to go. Now he is definitely crawling even though he gets tired easily. He loves to crawl after Riley and then come right back to my lap.

Today he crawled through this tunnel all by himself. Ri and I cheered him on!

Doesn't his hair look blond in this picture!?


the osbornes said...

Way to go Zach!

Shannon said...

His hair does look blonde!! :) So cute!

Kelly said...

He'll be up and walking before you know it. He's so big and cute!

Shannon said...

Ok, I just noticed Riley in the background! :)

Mer said...

Katie! I can't believe he's almost crawling. Listen I was blog stalking tonight, and I saw your friend Kelly's blog and realized that on her blog friend list she had my friend Leigh Ann from my home town and Sandra from my home town...I'm trying to figure out the conneciton??? That's so weird!

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