Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends, Food, and Race

Zach and I have had a wonderful few days visiting my mom and dad. Zach has entertained us all! He is very active and so much fun to watch. He is starting to crawl and wants to climb out of chairs and anyone's arms.

Zach and his crocs...they are alittle big but still cute!

Jenny and me and our baby boys

Zach had his first taste of raspberry gelato. He loved it! 

Zach & Pappy playing

I have learned to always pack my running clothes when I visit my mom and dad. My dad almost always has a race for us to run together. Tonight we ran in the Twilight Race on a walking bridge. It was hot but great! The race t-shirts were even cute which is hardly ever true.

Dad & me

Dad, Zach, & me


mwhite said...

I'm REALLY sorry I didn't get to run with you. You would have had to peel me off the pavement about half way through. Love the pics of that brown baby!

Mikel and Lynn said...

How fun! Mikel and I were going to do that race too (his parents live in Mayflower), but we had a birthday party for my sister in law instead.

Autumn said...

aww, I was going to run the twilight 5K, too! I wish I had known you were going to be there. :) Glad you're having so much fun being a mama!

Diane said...

We went to see Nan and John a few nights ago, and they told us y'all were in town. :) Sometime when you're in LR, let us know and we'll bring Dillon over so they can play together. :)

Kelly said...

You are so impressive with your running. No wonder you look so great!!!!
I love Zach's crocs!!!

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