Sunday, July 27, 2008

Deer Valley

Hi, friends! Jason and I just returned from a wonderful week in Colorado! I grew up going to Deer Valley (a Christian dude ranch), and now that Faber, Mandy, and I have kids of our own, my parents began taking all of us again. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world just nestled away in the mountains. No tvs and very little computer or phone access. This year Meredith stayed home with Mary Afton and baby Garrett. We missed them so much! Zach stayed with Jason's parents, and he loved every second. Although it was fun to be "free" again for awhile, I am so glad to be back with my baby. All week I just imagined him there running around one day.
There are countless things to do at the ranch. Hiking, horsebackriding, squaredancing, river rafting, tennis, golf, fishing, swimming, hayrides, and campfires. When my family isn't doing one of these things, we are in our cabin playing Hearts, Kings in the Corner, or Catch Phrase. We have never taken a "relaxing" vacation, and I wouldn't change one thing. Going to Deer Valley refreshes my mind, heart, and body.

The deer are tame! It's incredible. They are everywhere. This one welcomed us by our cabin when we arrived at DV.

Allie feeding the horses

Before church Sunday morning

Abby is ready for the square dance!

Up early for the Wrangler's breakfast

Allie striking a pose

Single girls out there...cute cowboys who love the LORD!

Jason & Dad

Hiking Mount Princeton

Every trip my dad, Jason, and I try to do one big hike. Two years ago we hiked Pike's Peak, and this year we hiked Mount Princeton. For me Princeton was more of a challenge, but I still enjoyed it. We talked Faber into joining us this year, and he hiked like a pro.

Jason, Dad, & Faber

Dad climbing those boulders

We made it!

14, 197 feet

In this pic I'm getting a little nervous! I fed this deer a banana on our deck, and his whole family walked up right behind our cabin...including his two baby fawns! He is walking closer and closer and my dad is saying, "Close the door, close the door." I think I'm just trying to breathe. He didn't come in our cabin, thank goodness!

Allie made a great cowgirl.

Dad, Allie, Faber, and a fish my dad caught

At St. Elmo (a ghost town nearby), the chipmunks are very friendly. They will hop right in your lap, hand, or even jump on your shoulder if you have food! this pic there is a HUGE chipmunk on my lap. I know it's difficult to see it, but I was just imagining this chub taking a bite out of me. I just like the little guys. Anyway, I ended up screaming and knocking him out of my lap. He was ok though. ; )

Hiking by Cottonwood Pass

Hiking by the Alpine Tunnel

Dad & Faber

Hanging out in the kids' ghost town


Diane said...

It looks like y'all had a great time! :)

Robyn Beele said...

What fun? I am sure you had a blast. By the way I am teaching 5th grade! I use to teach Special Education, but I decided I wanted a change this year. Who knows why we start so early?

Shannon said...

I am having Zach withdrawls!! Please post some pics of him!! :)

Harris Family said...

I can't believe you climbed those mountains! You are a stud!

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