Monday, August 19, 2013

Day of Firsts

I answered a few questions in my previous post comments. ; )

Today was a big day! Zach started kinder and Colson had his first soccer practice. There were no tears from anyone! Ha.

Cutie pie
How is summer already over? I still have a few more weeks with Colson at least. I think he'll kind of like all the attention.
Colson acted as if he was made for soccer. He's never played a day in his life!

I can hardly stand it.

Hello school and all things scheduled!

I will go before you and level the uneven places...

Isaiah 45:2


Melanie Mueller said...

Zach looked so handsome on his first day!!! Hope he had a great one!
Colson is adorable getting after that ball!
What a sweet picture of you and your big Kindergartner!

Becky said...

Zach is sure growing up! I can only imagine how much Colson enjoys time with just you - probably for a few minutes!

the osbornes said...

Colson looks so big out there playing soccer! They are both so precious, Katie!

Linds said...

Oh my word. That pic of Cols on with his foot on the ball. He is SO handsome. And he looks like such a big boy... where did our babies go?!?!

Miller Family said...

Seriously, Colson is the cutest thing! I also have a little boy that is about to turn 3 that thinks he was made for all sports! He is full speed with nothing but determination. I LOVE it!

Cindi said...

Yay for no tears!! I hope Z has a GREAT year! And I love me some Colson with the soccer ball. Total natural!! Love it, Katie!

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