Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Saturday we celebrated Jason's grandmother's 90th birthday! Wow. I only have 57 more years to go. Ha.
 She was very surprised! So sweet.
 My mom and dad came to the party, too. ; )
Love that I married into this family!

By Myself I have sworn; Truth has gone from My mouth, a word that will not be revoked.

Isaiah 45:23


Giggles said...

We will be celebrating my grandmother's 90th in Oct. We will also celebrate my other grandmother's 89th in Sept. I can't even begin to imagine living that long!

Lauren said...

I love the look on her face, so sweet! Such a pretty family!

Mer said...

Look at Z lovin on C in that last pic!

Brian & Ashley said...

Just started following your blog. I'm heartbroken for your loss, but am so thankful you have hope in Jesus and know you will see Reese again one day. I can see how God is using your story for His good. I directed one of my friends who also experienced a great loss to your blog.
Have a blessed week!
Your newest friend,
Ashley (from Lexington, KY)

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