Thursday, December 6, 2012


December is in full swing, and I'm loving it! Today was the first day in three weeks that I was alone without the boys, and I checked a lot off my list. So nice!

Jason and I just discovered Duck Dynasty, and we LOVE it. I'm not getting a lot done at night because I'm too busy laughing at Jase and Si. ; )
 Yesterday Colson wanted to take a nap with an unopened bag of chocolate chips. Even though he hasn't been napping I always put him down hoping he will. Then last night he went to bed with a box of pop tarts!
 He's learning how to use the ipad, and it just amazes me what a two year old can do!
 He is really losing his baby weight and thinning out. It makes me sad. He talks all the time and says new words every day. It's so cute.

This fall I signed up to be a part of an ornament exchange with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. I've been paired with a mom who lost a baby boy the same year Reese went to Heaven. I love this idea.
I chose this gold star for the mom I was paired with. I hope she likes it!

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.

Psalm 147:4


Becky said...

She'll love it! Thank you for mentioning 'Cradled' some time back. A friend and I have been contributing 'wraps' to them and it keeps your Reese close to my heart.

Lauren said...

We just started watching Duck Dynasty too, doesn't it crack you up?? Si is my favorite, he is a riot! I think that mom will love the gold star, so sweet! It's amazing how fast this time of year goes, just trying to soak up the spirit of the season and enjoy the crazy busyness that tends to come along with it! Love you!

Melanie Mueller said...

We are Duck Dynasty lovers as well! I laugh so hard at those guys! My older boys love it too. I have been having to preview the episodes lately because occasionally the talk can be more information than my boys need at 6 and 9(biggest example--the one where Phil takes the teenage boy and his girlfriend out in the boat). =)
Colson is getting so big! He is adorable!! We love iPad here too!
I love that ornament! I am sure that will mean so much to that mom.
Glad you were able to mark some things off of your list!

ashley said...

OK, first of all, we are in love with Duck Dynasty as well...gotta stay true to our roots, right? Go Uncle Si! Happy happy happy! Second, the story of Colson sleeping with chocolate chips and pop tarts cracks me up. And third,the ornament exchange sounds beautiful...another opportunity for you to meet, love on, and be encouraged my "like hearted" moms. Love and miss you!

Lauren said...

LOVE the ornament and the CUTE boy!!!!!!!! :)

Theresa said...

We love Duck Dynasty too! And that's a fact JACK!!

Leanne said...

I can scarcely believe how grown-up Colson is looking these days! Doesn't it seem like overnight he decided to be an older boy?? Ugh, I hate those days when you blink and they're so much bigger!!

I LOVE the ornament exchange idea!! I wish I could be a part of something like that. It is a fantastic idea. I'd love to be a part of that.

The Rohman Family said...

Yes, she will LOVE the ornament.

Mer said...

Katie! We have been watching it every night. I want to send you a clip of a speech Willie made at Saw it on FB..have you seen it? Loving Colson's excitement!

The Nelson Happenings said...

Such a beautiful Gold Star ! I'm sure the mom you paired with will love it ! Very neat idea to do :)

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