Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 This cutie pie had his 5 year old well appointment today. I didn't realize it included his kindergarden shots.
 Three total! Bless his heart.
He was so brave, but it was terrible. I told him we could go anywhere he wanted for lunch (CFA), and when we got home I gave him an early Christmas present. I couldn't stand it!
 This afternoon he told me he couldn't run because one of his legs hurt, and tonight when I carried him to bed he said he couldn't bend his knee. He's kind of dramatic. ; )
So proud of him!

And His name will be the hope of all the world.

Matthew 12:21


Cameron and Rachel said...

Bless his heart! Our doctor recommended us doing my son's at his 4yr check-up. Shots are always bad but this was the worst. Poor kids!! And yes my son got a toy afterwards too :)

Melanie Mueller said...

Poor guy! I hate when my boys get shots too! My oldest son had a terrible reaction to his 4 yr shots. His thigh got so swollen and he couldn't put weight on that leg. We went back in and they said, "it was a bad batch." What?! Nothing to do about it, just painful for him.Luckily, with rest and Tylenol he was back to normal in a few days but I felt awful for him.
Glad those shots are behind your brave Zach!

Mandy said...

Abby got hers at the 4 yr appt. It was AWFUL and she was hobbling around all that evening too. It's hard to watch!

Shannon said...

The drama definitely comes from his father. ;) Bless his heart. Glad he got a toy.

Mer said...

Ba ha Shannon! Garrett's are DONE. NO BUENO! Proud of z man.

The Vosslers said...

Ours always get some small treat after shots. No Christmas presents, though! lol ... I remember our 3rd would not be able to walk afterwards. We slowed down his vax after that because of his reactions.

Kim said...


Hahaha! A bit dramatic! Well then he and Jake would get along quite well. ;) LOL!

He sure is a cutie...

:) Kim

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