Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello, my sweet friends! I love this little random Wednesday list. ; )
I love that I finally feel caught up from our trip. It's just amazing how long it takes me to get my act together. ; )

I love the boys' pirate tees and striped shorts. I bought them at Gap Kids. I love shopping for the boys, but you can only go so far with clothes, ya know?
 I love our red mandevilla. It's a wild thing! My dad bought one just like this after Reese passed away, so it's very special. I get a hanging plant for this spot every spring/summer.

I am loving sweetened dried mango or really any dried fruit. I like to keep it in my car to snack on, but it never lasts very long. ; )
 I love seeing Reese's crepe myrtles bloom. Aren't they amazing? Jason and his dad planted five trees along our driveway after Reese went to Heaven. Two white ones, two pink ones (one light and one darker), and a red one (that's mine). ; )
 Last year they were kind of sad, but my dad revived them thank goodness! Now they are beautiful. Especially the two white ones.
The light pink one is Reese's, and it's starting to slowly bloom.

I love that I "tricked" the boys into liking Yoplait Go-gurts by freezing them. ; ) 

I love that the boys had a great time this morning at Boingo Bounce with their buddies Kohen and Wyatt. Thanks for joining us, Candy!

I love that I met YOU! Old, new and blog friends. Each of you have touched me in a special way and are a treasured part of my heart. Many of you came into my life because of Reese, and I can't WAIT for you all to meet her.

LORD, you are my lamp; the LORD illuminates my darkness.

2 Samuel 22:29


Brandi said...

Your crepe myrtles are beautiful just like your presh family!!!!

Hillary said...

I'm so thankful for you! Kisses for you and your sweet boys!


Payton&Jake's Mommy said...

Love this blog! Your Mandevilla plant and Crepe Myrtle trees are gorgeous! I love that Reese has her own. :) your boys are adorable! Hope you're having a great Wednesday afternoon.

Melanie Mueller said...

Lots of great loves this week!! Those outfits for your boys are adorable!! I love them too!
Your trees look so pretty!! Glad they were revived!!
So glad to have "met" you through blogging! I love keeping up with you and your adorable family!!

Jill said...

Oh Katie, I am missing your Reese for you as I read your post. I LOVE your trees and plants, that is so special that you share all of that with us. Praying for comfort when you need it the most!

Becky said...

Wish I could grow something as beautiful as your mandevilla. The only thing I can grow is old!

Jennifer said...

You know we can't wait to meet her either!
The crepe myrtles are so pretty!!

Karen said...

We planted a crepe myrtle when my son passed away too. They are so beautiful!

Brooke said...

Beautiful crepe myrtles. Your strength amazes me:) That's why I keep reading! Plus the kids are cuties!

Erikita said...

looks like they are growing nicely...what's that huge building to the side of your house? looks like an eye-sore

Erikita said...

9 frictura

Laura W. Smith said...

I am so glad I met you, my dear "blog friend!" I may never know you in person, but it has been such a blessing to get to "know" you through your blog. God bless you!

Nicholl Vincent said...

love your loves!


have a good night!

Miss E said...

I am always off kilter for awhile after trips, I guess I just like my routine! those trees warmed my heart! Its like each one of you are welcoming anyone as they drive up your drive way!

Lauren said...

I love pulling into your driveway every summer and seeing how much those crepe myrtles have grown! Such a sweet reminder of Reese! I freeze Gogurts for Parker too! He asks for a "Popsicle" everyday after nap! ;)

Jenny said...

I tricked my boys by freezing yogurts too!
They think they are ice cream!

Ashley said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Like you...I am still trying to get back in the swing of things after our vacation.

Love the crepe myrtles!

Mara said...

What a sweet idea to plant the crepe myrtles when you did:) Y'all will be doing quite a bit of digging if you ever decide to move!!

Happy Birthday to little bit!!!

Kim said...

Hey Katie...

Love Reese's Crepe Myrtles! Absolutely beautiful!

And I freeze the pops for Jake and Jack, too. And feel the same way, too, like I tricked them! ;)

And last but not least, I am very thankful for your friendship because of Reese, and because of Julia Grace. And as much as it hurts us as their momma's, don't we know they aren't missing a thing... One day, we will be right where they are. And soon, friend!!

Lots of love to you in the coming days.


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