Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girls' Weekend

I spent this weekend with three of my best friends. 
Laura, Sarah, & Jenny


Talked nonstop 
Ate way too much 
Slept way too little 
Laughed until our stomachs cramped 
Watched the Olympics 
Shopped some 
And wished we had "just one more day" to spend together. 
It's never long enough!

 These girls are beautiful, amazing, and have such hearts for the Lord. We can recite memories from our high school days and laugh like they just happened. 

 We talked a lot this weekend how life is really hard, but God is so good and faithful in the midst of it all. It sounds simple, yet it's not. I love seeing His handprints so evident in their lives. 

I've been in a really good place the past few months, but lately my heart is so tender with Reese's three year birthday coming up. It's easy to get caught up in life with the boys, but having a daughter in Heaven is something I face constantly. 

I feel such loss. Loss I unsuccessfully try to fill. Loss only the Lord can heal if I let Him. Loss only Heaven will completely ease.  It's a daily battle that doesn't always rage but is always there.

Spending time with these girls this weekend reminded me that I'm not alone and have such love and support around me. We missed you, Suzanne and Hillary!

We also saw Colton and DeAndre from American Idol. We were so tickled because we kind of had to stalk walk behind them a bit to catch up. We only talked to Colton, but he was so sweet!

...even there Your hand will lead me; Your right hand will hold on to me.

Psalm 139:10


Karen At Home said...

Glad to hear you had such a fun girls weekend Katie, it sounds like it was such an amazing to reconnect with sweet friends.

My heart breaks for you as you miss your precious Reese, both of you are always in my prayers.

Dianna said...

"It's a daily battle that doesn't always rage but is always there."

I love this quote!! It is perfect!

And isn't it crazy that "rReseas" was my verification word when I went to post this. Kinda says Reese or Reeses!

Melanie Mueller said...

SO glad you had a good weekend! You deserve it!!
Prayers for you as your heart aches for sweet Reese. <3

Linds said...

I love having those "kidney friends" (friends you'd give your kidney to) to go through life with. They are sweet blessings from the Lord. Praying for you daily...

Leanne said...

Can't believe it has already been three years. Sometimes time steals away, and sometimes it flies away. My heart remembers you and still thinks about you.

Yay for girls weekends!

Ashley said...

So wonderful that you have amazing friends to talk with and understand. It is a hard void that can't be filled...I feel the emptiness quite often if I am consistently praying for comfort and strength from the Lord.

You are amazing and your testimony is so strong!

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