Saturday, December 3, 2011

Story & Letting Go

Life might be a little crazy around here during the holidays (or every day), but I promise I did not send Z to school with his jeans on backwards. ; ) When we picked him up his teacher said he came out of the bathroom like that and hadn't let her change them back. He still looked cute though!
 Yesterday it was time to let our butterflies go.
 All five of them made it which kind of surprised me. Well, one's wings were curled, and it was sad but I know this happens.
 Zach did a great job of releasing them. He really wanted to keep one, but I told him the butterflies had to go find their families. ; )
 It really was amazing to watch them transform from caterpillars to butterflies although sometimes they gave me the heebie jeebies. Jason had to put the oranges in their cage because there was no way I was putting my hand in there.
It feels strange not checking on them anymore. They lived with us almost one month, and it became a regular part of our day. Ha! Maybe we'll do it again in the spring or summer.

Hope ya'll are staying warm!

...there is no GOD but Me. I will strengthen you...

Isaiah 45:5


Tristan said...

that looks like it could be fun!!
i may have to check into that!

Maryellen said...

It is amazing. They do have beautiful wings and colors.
Just like us, we start out as caterpillars and God transforms us into beautiful butterflies. Love it.

Sarah said...

Colson looks like such a big boy walking around in the background!

the norman family said...

I just love your blog. Your family is beyond precious. Thank you for taking the time to blog!

Justine said...

Hi. I made Reece a name for the gallery and wanted to know how to upload it, or send it to you. thanks

Mara said...

I saw your butterfly kit when I was out shopping in the "as seen on TV aisle"!! Must have been pretty interesting! I love finding something neat in that aisle. The last thing I bought was a silver money clip for my husband. It holds money and credit cards. It looks classy too! He LOVES it.

Christi said...


Being a mom of 3 and volunteering at church and schools, trust me that Zach is not the only kid that has ever went to school with his clothes on the right way (or shoes) and went home with them on a more creative way...or even had their school pictures taken as such. I'm just thankful that he didn't have an accident with his pants on the wrong way.
If I had more energy/time to devote to it, I'd send you weekly pictures of my youngest and what she wears and how she wears it even at age 7.5 years old. You'd be in stitches some days. God has helped me relax and enjoy her sweet creative mind instead of trying to justify or hide (or die of embarrassment) her outfits. We are blessed moms to have so much joy in our lives.


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