Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holly Jolly Christmas

We had such a fun, crazy, and busy-yet-peaceful Christmas. We celebrated with both Jason's and my family and loved every second.
 Mandy, me, Meredith, Colson, & my mom
This is our normal. ; )
Colson & Hunter
These two are 6 months apart and loved playing together.
Zach and Abby were inseparable. Their little conversations are hilarious. One night I was giving them a bath listening to them talk about Riley and how they really like dogs. 

Zach: "Abby, you used to have a dog, right? You don't have one now, but you used to?"
Abby: "No, I don't have a dog. I've never had a dog because that's what God gave us. No dogs."
They are like an old married couple. ; )
My beautiful sis, my dad & me before the Christmas Eve service

My mom stayed home with Hunter and Colson so the rest of us could go. It was such a special night! The kids did great, but about halfway through when it was very quiet Zach said, "When is it going to be over? It's taking too long!" People around us laughed thank goodness.

I love family services because we all understand how loud and unpredictable kids can be, yet it's so important to have them worship with us.
Colson opening some toys on Christmas Eve
Shannon & Westin
Cam & Trish
Santa brought Z a fish on Christmas morning. He named him Helicopter. ; )
Colson taking it all in
Zach's great grands gave him his first bike. They were so excited.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas filled with GOD's love and peace. Even when you are hurting, He knows where you are and how to protect your heart. His grace is perfect just for you.

...my heart will rejoice in Your deliverance.

Psalm 13:5


Tristan said...

beautiful kiddos..haha no dogs..is cracking me up!
glad you had a good Christmas!

Mandy said...

Great pictures! Loved every minute

Mer said...

you need to drop box me those pics! just type in drop box in finder. Find the folder that says white family pics and copy them into there. What do you think?? Love the last pic of ya'll..and the one of you, mandy, and your dad!

Diane said...

Loved seeing you guys this past weekend!

Candy Johnson said...

Ahh! A bike!!! Can't wait to see him spinning those wheels around town :) So glad you guys had a Merry Christmas!!!

Melanie Mueller said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Santa and the grandparents were sure good to you guys! I love that first picture of you ladies and your handsome little man and the one of you and Mandy with you Dad is great too!!

Claire said...

Oh how precious! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

Happiness Is... said...

Looks like a peaceful, happy and blessed Christmas! The kids are too cute.

Amy said...

so sweet, katie!
i love abby's response to zach. oh to be so content with "just what God gave us"....
love y'alls christmas card and your new blog look...such a beautiful family!!

Melissa said...

Don't forget the helmet when riding bikes. :-)

Kim W. said...

Hey Katie...

Glad you had a great Christmas. You deserve it. ;)

And love the new blog background. Clean and simple...it's perfect!

You have a beautiful family. Love keeping up with yall. Blessings on you all in 2012.


Sara said...

Looks like a beautiful Christmas for your family! Love the pictures!

walkers said...

Love the pic of Jason pushing z on the bike- a treasure!

Emmy said...

I love reading your blog and it is so cute!! Happy New Year to you!!

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