Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Party

Last night was our small group's Christmas party. It's one of my favorite things all year! For the past few years we've met at a restaurant then come to our house for desserts and a gift exchange.
I love our friends! 
Helga, Shannon, Jodi, Stacy, & Lindsey
Brett, Cody, & Davin
Adam, Bo, & Jason
  Chocolate, sugar & sweets overload
This little guy is so cute!

We had a sitter for the boys, and they did so well with everyone at our house. I was a little worried, but Colson slept through the entire party, and with Z of course the more the merrier. I am so thankful for friendships and laughter!

Spread Your faithful love over those who know You...

Psalm 36:10


Mandy said...

Cute pictures. I know the party was perfect! See you in a little bit! : )

Mer said...


Debbie said...

I love reading about your sweet family. My kids are 11, 12 and 14 and it just seems like yesterday I was living your life. Don't blink...hang on and enjoy every second.

Alex and Jill said...

Okay, so is it a requirement that you're beautiful to be in your small group??? LOL Some of the prettiest people I've ever seen!! Looks like a fun night!

Tiff said...

Looks like yall had a blast! I love that snowman idea!

Angie said...

I want some of those sweets!!!! They look so good. I am curious to know how the snowman lollipop was done. It's hard to tell by the picture. Those would be so cute for my son's class.

Summer said...

You look so great pretty girl! Your email you sent me made me cry! You are precious! I am so glad we are friends!! Oh my goodness how do you make those snowman cookies?? I will ask my friend to make them for me lol since I have a nurse coming in to do chemo/ivig infusions at my home we are thinking like Wednesday til like the 22nd Im sure I shouldn't be baking with an IV but you know me I am bound to do anything stubborn as a rock ha! Love having fun with friends and fam...its the best...all you girls look amazing! Yay the boys did well with the sitter! Laughing at your comment about Z the more the merrier ha that sounds just like our Kelcee no doubt they would get along fine ha!


Kim W. said...

Hey Katie,

Looks like such a fun party! I love it when our Small Group gets together (ours meets every single week on Sunday nights and it's a wonderful blessing!).

Anyhow, glad yall are doing well. Hope the boys have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

:) Kim

Kristen said...

That looks so much fun! Those treats look yummy!

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