Friday, July 22, 2011

Pulling Up

This sweetie pie has started pulling himself up. ; ) I still cannot believe he is one.

Attempt #1
I think I'll just play with my car.

Attempt #2
Success! Sort of. ; )

Ya'll have a wonderful Friday. I see a date night, tennis, swimming, and church ahead for us this weekend. And of course ice cream or snowcones. I'm excited to have a laid back weekend!

You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence.

Isaiah 30:15


Mandy said...

No "sort of"!!! He totally did it! YAY Colson!!!! Love you and miss you so stinkin much!

Jodi said...

I love when I have dreams that have so much meaning. What a special one your sister had.

Katie said...

Go Colson! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. :)

Carolina Girl said...

A date nate sounds awesome! I don't know when we'll EVER get one of those again. Lol!

Colson is so cute and although I've never met him, I can't believe he's one either! It really goes by too fast, doesn't it.

What a special gift you received in your sister's dream. She was able to describe her so vividly. Wow! It made my heart happy and sad.

Carolina Girl said...

Clearly, I need to proofread before I pulish my comments.

I meant to say, 'date night'.

Gottjoy! said...

I can't believe how fast Colson is growing!!!
Have a great weekend, Katie!

Kelly said...

Colson looks SO cute pulling himself up...both of your boys are such cutie pies! :)

Kelley said...

Way to go, Colson! I was thinking around 1 was "normal" - Sol starting at 7 months has been CRAZY! He's an ol' pro now and already cruising. Mark asked him this morning, "What? Are you gonna be driving a car by the time you're 5?!?" Enjoy your weekend. Love you, and as always...

Kelly said...

I LOVE following Colson because he and Lily Kate are so close! (She's 1 next Saturday.) Of course, I'm stealing your party ideas...I even went to Hobby Lobby and bought the same "thank you" stamp you used!!! Yeah for pulling everything gets one level higher in the house. =)

Melanie Mueller said...

Uh-oh! He is about to get mobile!! ;) What a cute little guy!! Love that age so much!!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!

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