Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Fun

A few of you have asked me what kind of camera I use. It's a Canon EOS 40D. I have no idea what I am doing, but I love learning how to take better pics of our boys.
Our fourth didn't start out fun, but by 7 am Monday everything was wonderful!

During the fireworks Sunday night pieces of ash and dust got into Jason's eyes. One piece just wouldn't come out no matter what we did. I couldn't see anything but was still trying to flush it out at midnight! It was bad, and he was in a lot of pain. We thought maybe it was a scratch, so we went to bed.

His eye was still hurting the next morning when we woke up at six. I was really worried. Praise the LORD we have an ophthalmologist in the family who lives close to us, and he was able to meet Jason at his office.

A piece of ash was burned under the top of his eyelid, so that is why it didn't come out on it's own. Crazy. Paul was able to swipe it out with a q-tip, and Jason was home around seven. I was so thankful.

We flew to Hot Springs for the day to visit Jason's parents and grandparents. It was a perfect day! 
 Our co-pilot
I sat in the back with Colson, and he was just as happy as he could be. ; )
Zach loved playing in the creek and learned how to catch crawdads. He named one Pete and carried it around with him all afternoon.
 I can hardly even look at this picture. Too cricket/spiderish for me!
G-Dad & Colson

Z is with Gran and G-Dad this week getting spoiled playing, and I'm working on Colson's party. Our house is very quiet. ; )

A sweet woman commented that her daughter and Reese must have had a wonderful view with the fireworks this past weekend. I love this thought!

What you say flows from what is in your heart.

Luke 6:45


m&msmommy said...

Their little faces are just SO sweet! My gosh they are precious! :) Look at all of Colson's teeth...SO cute!

I'm sorry to hear about Jason, but thankfully it wasn't anything too serious AND how awesome to have an opth. in the family! ;)

Enjoy the quiet! :)

Mer said...

You do too have an idea of what you are doing silly!! YOu better!

DaisyGirl said...

A piece of ash burned into the back of his eyelid!!??!! Oh my!!! That is a very scary thought!! I'm so glad his eye and vision are ok!!

Summer said...

Ouchy about Jason's eye! Yay for having an optomologist in the fam that helps! Glad he was ok...OK so glad Jason is ok that pic of Z being the co-pilot is really funny and I loe that pic of Colson chilin in the back! Um Pete the crawdad is kinda freakin me out LOL....I am glad yall had a great 4that is totally so true Reese had a great seat watching all of us light up the sky on the 4th and her beauty helped light it up that much more!!

Oh hey check out my post I totally did the prom pic thing I told you I would do since I didn't want you to go at it alone is so funny


Kelley said...

And to think, I used to catch those things all the time when I was a kid - eewww! gross! Love all your pictures. Enjoy this week, my Friend! What a celebration :) Love and as always...

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful weekend!! I know Reese had the BEST view of fireworks! Sweet girl!!

Lauren said...

Love the pic of Z with the crawdad, so funny!! Glad Jason's eye was ok, what a freak thing! What a sweet thought about Reese, I bet she enjoyed those colorful fireworks so much! I can't wait to see you NEXT Friday
Two visits in the same summer, I'm beside myself! ;)

besnini said...

I just love looking at the pics of your children. They are just about the cutest boys ever. I always smile when I look at them.

Praising God with you that Jason's eye wasn't any worse than it was.

Dana said...

Katie, I have the canon 60D which is similar to ur camera. What kind of bag do u use to carry it around. Mine is soo heavy and of course I don't want it to get broken! It has been hard to carry it to events b/c it is soo bulky! What do u do??

Linds said...

that toothy pic of Colson is SO cute!

Lauren said...

I love how you can say you flew somewhere for the day!! So fun!!! :)

Melanie Mueller said...

That is so awesome that Jason can fly you guys somewhere when you want to. Your co-pilot and your little fellow passenger couldn't be any cuter!!!
Oh- and I am so glad that Jason's eye got better. That must have been miserable.

Carolina Girl said...

A great view indeed!

I used to catch crawdads as a child but I dont think I could do it now! Eeew!

Dianna said...

That crawdad picture is disgusting! You are one brave momma to deal with that!

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