Sunday, January 30, 2011

Potty Training at our House

A few of ya'll have asked about how we potty trained Z, and I am happy to share. It's also good for me to record so I'll have a little reminder when we are doing this with Colson. Thankfully it was pretty easy for us. ; )

Let me first say that losing a child puts everything in life into perspective. Things that would have been a big deal to us before Reese was born really are not at all. Potty training is definitely included. Our goal was to have Z potty trained by the time he turned three, but I didn't want to make a huge issue about it.

Several friends with boys told me not to rush and not to push Z if he wasn't ready. I followed their advice, and I'm so glad I did!

When he was 2 1/2 we bought him a Sesame Street video about PT. I have no idea if it helped, but he liked it. Who knows!?

We also bought him a little potty which I was completely against (not sure why I just was). This was Jason's idea, and it worked well for Z. He picked it out.

Zach also picked out a lot of matchbox cars, and I put them in a drawer at home. We explained that if he went #1 he would get two M&M's, and if he went #2 he could pick out a car.

For us, potty training took a lot of repetition repetition repetition. Talking about it several times throughout the day, about his rewards, his big boy undies, what big boys do, etc. We talked about all of this for weeks and months hoping it would click when he was ready.

We also started a habit of taking him to the bathroom before his bath at night, in the morning, and after his nap. He did not always want to do this, but we would say, "Let's just try" over and over. And over and over. ; ) We let it go if he was adamant against going.

When Z's diaper was dry most of the time, and he was using the "big boy" potty, we took the leap and let him wear his undies. He has only had one accident. Yea!

Of course, he still wears diapers for his nap and at night.

Potty training is definitely an adventure. I have pulled over on the side of the road twice to let him go to the bathroom, and I'm sure I'll do it many more times! It's all worth it though.
A few books help, too. ; )

Good luck!

The LORD is compassionate and gracious,
slow to anger, abounding in love.

Psalm 103:8


Hillary said...

Thanks for sharing at such a perfect time! I have a little boy who will be 3 in May and we have tried to introduce the potty (that he totally ignores =) ) I can't wait to try the cars in the drawer tip!

The Ballantynes said...

Thanks, Katie! I have a 17 month old who is potty training. I never thought he would do it so young, but he has been so interested in it and my sitter was on board and it has been successful so far! He can't tell us when he has to go, so we just go every hour. It's exhausting, but it is worth it. We bought one of those potties for the car. Just a thought. It has come in quite handy! I love your cars treat. When he can understand better, I am so using that! ;)

Kelley said...

ha ha! my post today is about pottying too - sort of - in a round about way.

love your perspective on life now...funny, i was just thinking about your sweet girl and thanking God for the sweet "things/moments/memories" you have to treasure about her.

love you. and as always...

Tiff said...

Great advice! I need to hid this post away for down the road! I do hear that little boys are harder to train... We will see! :) I do like the idea of "gifts" to help push!

Linds said...

I seriously cringe at the thought of potty training. Thanks for the advice!

The Mama said...

Love reading your thoughts, always!

We too, have been known to stop on the side of the road. Then a friend told us about this portable potty and it really has made life easier. I keep it in the back of my car and it is great.

Donna said...

Ahhhhh! Those m&ms the magic trick! My DIL trained our granddaughter with them ...she would go and say "a brown and a blue one please" without looking up...ha! As for me...I was too lazy to even do it! And they all did it on their own before 3.

Sara said...

I love that potty:) Wierd I know to say that. ha! Where did you find it?

Ani said...

For us potty training was a breeze (daytime), he was ready and in 3 years he seldom has had an accident. Nightime is a different animal altogether, but BTDT moms have told me to not stress, so he still wears a pullup a night (at age 5). Its hit and miss, without too many accidents, but I'm not a fan of changing sheets in the middle of the night, so for the time being, we do what works :-)

Tracy said...

Way to go, Mom and Dad! Potty training is hard. My three girls were way easier to train than my one boy. I hear that a lot. I used a candy basket and they never got candy unless they went potty. It was a great treat and kept their teeth from falling out, since they could not eat candy all day! I am enjoying reading the stories. ;) Have a great day!

Cassidy said...

This was a great time for me to read this. My 4 year old has apraxia and I'm not always sure what all she understands. However she can work every electronic thing in the house and after showing her how something works just once or maybe twice - she gets it and she can do more with electronics than I can! She refuses to go potty though and she fusses and cries when I ask her to sit on the potty. She sits there but she never goes potty. I'm gearing up to try again with potty training and big girl panties and this was great encouragement for me! She, too, loves little box cars so I may grab some up for some treats for going potty - great idea! Thanks so much for this post. Blessings, Cass

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for reminding me to keep things in persepective and to not push the PT. It'll happen in time. :)

Anderburf said...

Patience is key in potty training. They really just won't do it until they are ready. We just kept trying until our boys were ready and then it was much easier once they thought it was their idea! If you need any potty training items check out Juvenile Solutions It was a helpful site for me when we started the process.

Mary A. said...

Hi -- I found your blog thru my friend Kathryn.

I have 3 boys 9, 5 & 3. I thought PT the baby would be easy because I've done it so many times.

Why do I keep forgetting that God gave me 3 boys and not just one boy over & over & over???

Each time we transitioned seemed like a horrific experience. But it's just that -- a transistion. Now we're good.

And I gave the changing pad to goodwill.

Amy said...

as much as i HATE buying diapers, i don't even want to think about potty training - ha! glad that zach is doing so well! i could be persuaded to do a lot of things for some m&m's, too ;0)

Nicole said...

Hey Katie! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award over on my blog if you wanted to check it out. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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